Pre-Major Advising

Office of Pre-Major and Academic Planning

You Aren’t Alone

If you are unsure about what you want to study at Bowling Green State University, you are not alone. Each year about 500-600 new freshmen enroll at BGSU undecided about their academic major. Even more are unclear about their career goals. And even those who think they have a clear direction frequently change their minds.

The fact is, most students who enter college straight out of high school (and even some who have worked awhile) don't know which major to select or which career might suit them best.

About 60-80% of students who enter college with a declared major change that major at least once. That's why BGSU offers Pre-Major Advising as an alternative to choosing a specific major and college when you enroll. In Pre-Major Advising, trained professionals assist you in planning your course schedule, exploring different areas of study at the University while learning more about your interests, abilities, and values--all with a goal of helping you make informed decisions that will lead to your ultimate success at BGSU and beyond.

We’re Here to Help

Your academic advisor in the Office of Pre Major and Academic Planning can help you define your educational goals and assist with career exploration. You are encouraged to meet with your advisor before registering for classes each semester so that together you can choose courses that best meet your needs and work toward a timely graduation.