As a Pre Professional at BGSU, you are expected to maintain a dual focus. While working on your undergraduate studies, you will also be focusing on preparing for your professional program. The following resources will assist you in that journey.  
  • The Application Services link will connect you directly to your professional programs app service. Be sure to get aquainted with the questions on the application (samples available in the PPP office) early on as an undergraduate to improve your record keeping for your portfolio.
  • Campus Connections are offices and programming to assist you in your role as a pre professional student on campus.
  • The Financial Literacy links are provided to help you gain an understanding of how to manage your financial future.
  • The Gap Year option is for those who need to improve their academic portfolio or gain transformative experiences to enhance their ability to become a competitive and viable candidate.
  • Lib Guide connects you to books and timely resources in your field of study.
  • The Metrics link provides a quick snapshot of the median GPA and assessment score from all competitive institutions in the country. Be sure to verify the information provided with each institution to ensure that it's updated and accurate.
  • The Organizations link provides a connection to professional, educational, and student run organizations on campus. These connections are vital to you gaining insight into your field.
  • The Planning Guides are for those who require detailed information about timelines and expectations to plan for a seamless transition to their professional school.
  • Post Bac Options provide alternative paths for those seeking alternate direction with their course of study/career.
  • The Test Prep link will lead you to resources that reference the content of the exams, the availability of testing dates, and costs incurred.