Meet with your advisors.

Academic Advisor
Faculty Advisor
Office of Pre-Professional Programs Advisor
Advisors work as a team; each plays a unique role in your educational experience. Be sure to meet with everyone assigned to you.

Contact admission representatives from schools you are interested in attending.

Seek to understand the unique requirements and expectations of each school.
Keep record of this information.

Acknowledge the prerequesite courses within your chosen field of study.

Consider the impact on your overall academic plan during your undergraduate career.

Recognize opportunities

Informational Interviews
Job Shadowing
Clinical Observations and Research Experiences

Become familiar with the timelines for central application services and standardized tests in your chosen area of study.

Get involved in mock interviews distinguishing between interviewing formats.

Begin drafting your statement of purpose as soon as your freshman year.

How to request letters of recommendation (LOR's) and from whom.

Research different test prep options for the MCAT, DAT, PCAT, GRE, and LSAT assessments.

Understand how you are - and will be - evaluated.

Be conscientious of the holistic approach to metrics, attributes and experiences.

Be reflective and intentional about your decision making processes.