Student Responsibilities

You and your advisor are partners. As partners, the two of you will work together to make choices, but the primary responsibility for advising rests with you. As partners, there are certain expectations that your advisor will have of you, just as there are certain expectations that you should have of your advisor. Your advisor will not make decisions for you but will instead offer advice. Some of your responsibilities, as a student, are:

  • Get to know your advisor early in the first semester.
  • Make appointments with your advisor when it is time to register for courses, check your progress toward graduation and/or when you have questions about University policies. Don't rely on another student's interpretation. Remember to make your appointment early, especially when planning for registration.
  • Read communications from your advisor and respond, when necessary. Follow through on the advice given.
  • Prepare, in advance, for academic advising appointments.
  • Keep scheduled appointments or cancel, if you find it is necessary for you to miss a scheduled appointment.
  • Maintain a file of advising materials, so that you can track your progress.
  • Know program requirements and stay informed about any changes in the requirements.
  • Stay informed about academic policies and procedures and know where you can locate the information.
  • Ask questions when you do not understand something; follow up on advice that has been given.
  • Seek help before a situation becomes a crisis.