Pre Major & Academic Planning

Your Success Matters

We are here to make sure you get the most out of your BGSU experience. From exploring different areas of study to course selection and ultimately entering your career of choice, we partner with you through every step of your college journey.

1. Pre-Major Advising (PMA) Are you undecided about your major? If you are unsure about what you want to study, you are not alone. Each year about 500-600 students enroll at BGSU undecided about their academic major. That’s where Pre-Major Advising comes in. We help you plan your course schedule, explore different areas of study and learn more about your interests, abilities and values—all with the goal of helping you make informed decisions that will lead to your ultimate success at BSGU and beyond.

2. Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEOP)
The Post-Secondary Enrollment Option Program (PSEOP) provides qualified high school students the opportunity to take college courses. Students who participate in this program receive college credit, which may also fulfill high school requirements, if approved by the student's home school district.

3. University Program for Academic Success (UPAS)
This program is designed to give you individualized academic support to assist you in making a successful transition from high school to BGSU. UPAS students receive extensive academic advising, participation in a bridge experience course, and have access to individual tutoring. You are assigned an advisor with whom you will schedule regular meetings to track your academic progress and provide additional support resources as needed. You may be considered for admission in through UPAS if your academic performance was inconsistent in high school.

4. The Office of Pre-Professional Programs (PPP)
This office provides you with specialized advising services as you work through your pre-professional track (Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, and Pre-Law). Pre-professional tracks are not majors, but they are recognized areas of academic interest and professional study for students who intend to enter professional or graduate school from college. As part of your major your pre-professional track will be relevant to your intended advanced degree.