Placement Tests

Prior to registration and beginning classes at BGSU, new students may be required to complete a placement test, essay, or examination in the following subject areas: Writing, Math, Foreign Language and/or Music Theory.  Your academic major or minor, ACT/SAT scores, Advanced Placement (AP) credit, and any prior high-school and college-level courses you have taken will determine which placement tests you need to complete.

These placement procedures are important to your enrollment and help to ensure you are registered for classes appropriate for your skill level, account for any prior courses you may have taken, and relevant to your major/minor.

Please read the information below carefully, and visit the additional pages linked below for more information about whether or not you need to complete the test, as well as when and how to do so.

Writing Placement

The Writing Placement Test is required of all incoming students*.  The Writing Placement Test is necessary to determine the appropriate General Studies Writing (GSW) course for you to take during your first year at BGSU.  You complete this Test online through MyBGSU.  For instructions on completing this essay, visit the GSW website.

Please note: Students who score a 3 or higher on AP English Language and Composition Test or the English Literature and Composition Test are not required to complete the Writing Placement Test.

Mathematics Placement

Incoming first year students who have an ACT/SAT math score and a high school GPA on record with BGSU will be given an automated math placement score.  Your placement score is calculated by factoring your ACT/SAT mathematics score with your high school GPA.  Students will be notified through BGSU email of math placement scores prior to registration.

If you do not have an ACT/SAT math score or high school GPA on file with BGSU, or if you would like to attempt to improve your score, you may schedule an appointment to take a 35-question placement test at the BGSU Learning Commons, located on the first floor of the Jerome Library. To schedule an appointment, call 419-372-2823

For more information and frequently asked questions about math placement, visit the Department of Mathematics and Statistics website.

Music Theory Placement

This placement exam is only required for students with a major or minor in any music program at BGSU.  This exam is given to determine placement regarding the appropriate theory class related to students’ level of knowledge.

For more information and suggested resources to assist with preparation, visit the College of Musical Arts Theory Placement Test website.

Foreign Language Placement

As foreign language course requirements vary among academic programs at BGSU, all new and transfer students should discuss Foreign Language Placement requirements with an Academic Advisor.  This will ensure appropriate placement in any required language course, based on students’ level of knowledge and past course-work.

The Foreign Language Placement is completed online.  For instructions on completing this placement exam, as well as information about course requirements, visit the Department of Romance and Classical Studies website.