Same-Sex Relationships

Family Profiles

  • FP-15-04
    Number of Children Living in Same-Sex Couple Households, 2013
  • FP-14-03
    Demographic Profile of Same-Sex Couple Households with Minor Children, 2012
  • FP-13-02
    Public Assistance Among U.S. Children in Poverty, 2010    
  • FP-12-17
    Child Poverty in the United States, 2010    
  • FP-12-16
    Health Insurance Coverage of U.S. Children, 2010    
  • FP-12-15
    Demographic Profile of Same-Sex Parents    
  • FP-11-05
    Adoptive Parents in the U.S., 2007    
  • FP-11-01
    U.S. Families and Households: Economic Well-being    
  • FP-10-08
    Same-Sex Couple Households in the U.S., 2009        

Working Papers and Publications

  • WP-12-12
    Powell, B., Carr Steelman, L., Pizmony-Levy, O. (October 2012).Transformation or Continuity in Americans' Definition of Family: A Research Note.   

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