In Theory Only

In Theory Only is a scholarly journal devoted to music theory. It was founded in 1975 by graduate students at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with the aim of supplying a “forum where ideas can be tested by speedy critical reactions” as an alternative to the two established journals. Originally published monthly, the early days were astonishingly free-wheeling. The content ranged from contributions by the top scholars in the field to those of students; from hot debate of ideas to humorous or satirical items. Subsequently, the style became more refined and ITO matured into one of the top three or four journals in the discipline of music theory. It garnered a world-wide readership (Paris, Hong Kong, Finland, Brazil, etc.), as its subscriber base grew from the initial 53 to nearly 500. As ITO expanded and its standards rose, its production became increasingly labor-intensive. Publication became irregular and finally ground to a halt in 1992.

The prospect of permanently losing such an illustrious journal distressed many in the discipline. Consequently, a group of concerned former editors, John Covach (University of Rochester), William E. Lake (Bowling Green State University) and David Headlam (Eastman School of Music) stepped in to revive ITO. To maintain a link with the University of Michigan, they assembled an editorial board of graduates and former faculty. The editorial office moved to Bowling Green State University in March 1994.

In Theory Only is an international music theory journal with a circulation of approximately 450. Its publication schedule is irregular. The last issue published was a quadruple issue, volume 13, numbers 5–8, which was mailed in January 2008. The next issue, volume 14, numbers 1–2, is in preparation, but its actual publication date is uncertain.

Subscriptions are billed on a per-volume basis, not a per-year basis. Current subscription prices are $20 per volume for students, $25 per volume for individuals and $40 per volume for institutions. Subscribers outside the United States are charged an additional $10 for postage. To order a subscription, send check or money order by mail to:

In Theory Only
College of Musical Arts
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403-0290

Requests for additional information may be sent towlake@bgsu.edu. Thank you for your interest in In Theory Only.

Title: In Theory Only

Subtitle: none

Sponsoring organization: none

ISSN: 0360-4365

Language of publication: English

Country of publication: USA

First year of publication: 1975

Refereed: Yes

Subject classification: Music theory (academic/scholarly)

Approximate circulation: 450 (paid)

Format: Print; Online from IIMP

Book reviews: Yes

Advertising: Yes

Supplements: No

Cumulative index: No

Editor: William E. Lake

Business and editorial office:
College of Musical Arts
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403-0290
(419) 372-0522

Current issue: Volume 13, nos. 5–8 (June 2007)

Issues per volume: 8

Volume and issue numbers per year: Not applicable—we publish irregularly

Frequency: Not applicable—we publish irregularly

Publication schedule: Not predictable—we publish irregularly

2008 institutional rates

Domestic: $40 per volume

Foreign: $50 per volume

Payment currency: US dollars

Payment must be by check, made out to “Bowling Green State University”

Payment in advance required

Subscriptions begin with the current issue

Subscriptions for partial volumes: no

Term restrictions: We do not accept subscriptions extending more than one volume beyond the current issue. With the current issue at 13/8, we are not presently accepted subscriptions going beyond vol. 14, no. 8.

Cancellations: Accepted, but subscriptions are non-refundable

Agency discount: none

Claims deadline: Five years

Claims accepted by mail only

Back issues: Inquire by mail for availability and price list