Marcus Zagorski

Marcus Zagorski 87075

Position: Assistant Professor (musicology)
Phone: 419-372-2866
Email: mzagor@bgsu.edu
Address: 2005 Moore Musical Arts Center

My research and teaching have focused on music since 1945, philosophical aesthetics, and the history of music theory.  Prior to coming to Bowling Green, I taught history and composition at University College Cork, in Ireland.  I studied musicology at Stanford University (Ph.D.) and composition at McGill University (M.Mus.).  Current projects include three short essays (on Stockhausen, Mahnkopf, and Grisey) and a larger study of postwar aesthetic theory.


  • “Material and History in the Aesthetics of ‘serielle Musik’,” Journal of the Royal Musical Association 134/2, 271-317.
  • “‘Nach dem Weltuntergang’: Adorno’s Engagement with Postwar Music,” Journal of Musicology22/4, 680-701.


  • “Stockhausen’s Theoretical Legacy: An Aesthetics of Experimentation,” The Musical Legacy of Karlheinz Stockhausen: Looking Back and Forward, Kürten: Stockhausen Verlag, (forthcoming).


  • “New Music in Japan in the 1990s” by Seiji Choki (translated from the German original),Ensemble-Modern-Jahresmagazin 3.
  • “‘Returning to the Skin’: On Theodor W. Adorno’s Theory of Musical Interpretation” by Hermann Danuser (translated in conjunction with László Vikárius), Essays in Honor of Lásló Somfai on his 70th Birthday, Lanham, MD: Scarecrow, 2005, 109-123.


  • “Stockhausen’s Theory of Experimentation and Dahlhaus’s Writing of History”
    Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society, San Francisco, 10-13 November 2011
  • “Stockhausen’s Theoretical Legacy: The Aesthetics of Experimentation”
    The Musical Legacy of Karlheinz Stockhausen: Looking Back and Forward, Georg-August Universität, Göttingen, and the Stockhausen Foundation for Music, Kürten, Germany, 10-11 August 2011
  • “Beethoven, Truth, and New Music”
    Faculty Scholar Series, College of Musical Arts, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, USA, 23 March 2011
  • “The Geist in the Machine: Material and Technology in Early Serialism”
    The Ghost in the Machine – Technologies, Performance, Publics, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 2-3 February 2011
  • “Historical Narrative and Aesthetic Judgment: serial and post-serial music in West Germany”
    Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society, Cold War Panel, Philadelphia, 12-15 November 2009
  • “Postwar Change and the Narrative Status Quo”
    Sixth Biennial International Conference on Music Since 1900, Keele, England, 2-5 July 2009