MUSP Masters Portfolio

Those MuSP master’s students who choose the recital/portfolio option are required to create a portfolio of their graduate work at BGSU. This portfolio consists of the syllabi, final projects, major examinations and other significant assignments and presentations from every course completed during studies for the Master of Music degree. For applied study and ensembles, the student must submit syllabi, jury sheets, any other written evaluations and programs where appropriate.

In addition to coursework, the MuSP graduate portfolio must also contain a copy of every programin which the candidate’s name appears. This includes programs from performances with BGSU large and small ensembles, solo recitals, chamber performances, etc. Students may also include programs from off-campus performances that are not affiliated with the University.

If the portfolio is incomplete in any way, the student will not be allowed to take the comprehensive examination.

The responsibility to verify that the portfolio is complete rests with the chair of the examination committee. Compiling and maintaining the portfolio is the responsibility of the student. Students must submit the portfolio to the Graduate Secretary by the stated due date in the semester in which the exam is to be taken. The portfolio is housed in the main office of the College of Musical Arts. Students may make additions to the portfolio after they have submitted it to the Graduate Secretary, which is to be completed at least two weeks prior to the scheduled exam date. Both the student and the committee shall review the portfolio to determine the scope and the general content of the exam.

Additional requirements for graduation are listed in the Final Project Handbook.