Click on the register link, to left, which will take you to the registration website.  

No. All registration forms must be submitted and paid online with a credit card or electronic check.

When you get to the select payment method choose the electronic check option. The next screen will ask you for your bank account number, whether it is a savings or checking account and if it’s a checking account the routing number on your checks. There is a link to show you where to get this information on your checks. The amount of the camp will be deducted directly from your checking or savings account.

No. If you fill out the registration form and pay in full your son/daughter is accepted into the camp. After you submit the form make sure you get a confirmation that it went through okay. Some of the camps have auditions after the students arrive or they may require a CD be sent in ahead of time but neither of these are for admission purposes.

If your son/daughter is taking medication  click on the Forms link, scroll down to the forms section and click on medications. If you need the camp staff to dispense the medication you fill out the  form “Permission to Dispense Medication by Camp Program Staff”.

All forms for the Summer Music Institute should be sent to the address below.

Theresa Cickner
Summer Music Institute
College of Musical Arts
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green OH 43403

ALL parking passes are distributed at check-in.

Students who are residents on campus can receive a parking pass for the week that will allow them to park in the dorm parking lot. Students who are commuters can receive a parking pass that will allow them to park in a lot near Moore Musical Arts Center. Parents who are coming to the final concert on Friday can get a parking pass that allows them to park in a lot near Moore Musical Arts Center.
All parking passes are distributed at check-in.

SMI is not responsible for reimbursing parking tickets.

SMI considers junior high/middle school students as those entering at least 7th grade. However, camps have different grade or age requirements as follows:

STRING – At least one year of middle school or high school string playing experience
PIANO – Ages 13-18 . Conditional acceptance of students 12 years of age may be requested via the camp director.
VOCAL ARTS – entering grades 10-12
DOUBLE REED- entering grades 9-12
BRASS – entering grades 9-12
SUPER SAX – entering grades 9-12
RECORDING – ages 15-18
FLUTE- entering grades 9-12
MUSICAL THEATRE – entering grades 10-12

Should your student be home schooled or have different levels of experience, please contact the director. Exceptions can be made where appropriate.

University policy states that campers under 18 are not allowed access to the internet.

Check-in for camps are Sunday afternoons between 1:00-3:00 p.m. and pick up TBA on Friday. 

Specific schedules for each camp will be available closer to camp start. 


Please check our FAQ section first, otherwise
contact Theresa Clickner, Registrar