Staff Listing


Dave Kielmeyer

Position: Interim Chief Communications Officer
Phone: 419-372-8587
Email: davidk@bgsu.edu

University Marketing | Communications | Public Relations | Internal Communications | University Leadership

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Danielle Arbinger

Position: Web Developer/Designer
Phone: 419-372-5465
Email: daniela@bgsu.edu


Jeff Artz

Position: Creative Director
Phone: 419-372-2756
Email: jsartz@bgsu.edu

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Craig Bell

Position: Photography Director
Phone: 419-372-9898
Email: cbell@bgsu.edu

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Bonnie Blankinship

Position: Communications Manager
Phone: 419-372-2618
Email: bblanki@bgsu.edu

Media Relations | Zoom | Center For Faculty Excellence | Human Resources


Frank Booth

Position: Senior Graphic Designer
Phone: 419-372-9899
Email: fjbooth@bgsu.edu


Andrea Brock

Position: Marketing Communications Specialist
Phone: 419-372-5250
Email: brocka@bgsu.edu

Enroll. Management/Admissions | Nontraditional Transfer Services | Co-op/Student Employment | Online Programs | Pre-Professional Programs | Bursar | Registrar | Financial Aid

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Nicole Burks

Phone: 419-372-2616
Email: nburks@bgsu.edu

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Julie Carle

Position: Communications Manager
Phone: 419-372-8586
Email: julie@bgsu.edu

College of Arts & Sciences | University Libraries | Learning Commons | Advising Services


Terri Carroll

Position: Director of Philanthropic Communications and Stewardship
Phone: 419-372-3889
Email: tcarrol@bgsu.edu

BGSU Magazine | University Advancement | Alumni Affairs


D. Fred Connor

Position: Senior Marketing Director
Phone: 419-372-0423
Email: fconnor@bgsu.edu

Institutional Marketing | Advertising - Media Planning | Enrollment / Admissions | Leadership / Signature Events

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Beth Detwiler (Voorhees)

Position: Creative Manager for Web & New Media
Phone: 419-372-2378
Email: vbeth@bgsu.edu


Marie Dunn-Harris

Position: Writer/Social Media Specialist
Phone: 419-372-8585
Email: madunn@bgsu.edu


Liz Gladieux

Position: Marketing Communications Specialist
Phone: 419-372-3144
Email: ergladi@bgsu.edu

University Arts – Music, Fine Art, Performing Arts, Creative Writing


Pete Fairbairn

Position: Communications Manager
Phone: 419-372-2717
Email: pfairba@bgsu.edu

­BGSU Athletics | College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering | ROTC


Rhonda Hile

Position: Senior Graphic Designer
Phone: 419-372-7594
Email: rhile@bgsu.edu


Ann Krebs

Position: Communications Manager
Phone: 419-372-7877
Email: akrebs@bgsu.edu

College of Health & Human Services | Honors College | AIMS | CURS | Study Abroad | CIP | ISS


Jacqueline G Nelson

Position: Marketing Communications Specialist
Phone: 419-372-6997
Email: jgnelso@bgsu.edu

Student Affairs | Student Orientation | WBGU-TV


Robb Nardecchia

Position: Web & New Media Developer
Phone: 419-372-3592
Email: robbn@bgsu.edu

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Brad Phalin

Position: University Photographer
Phone: 419-372-9897
Email: bphalin@bgsu.edu


Lorrie Melissa Sawaie

Position: Administrative Secretary
Phone: 419-372-2774
Email: lorries@bgsu.edu

Commencement Coordinator


Karen Schwab

Position: Account Clerk
Phone: 419-372-7603
Email: schwabk@bgsu.edu


Jennifer Sobolewski

Position: Communications Specialist/Writer
Phone: 419-372-8582
Email: jsobole@bgsu.edu

Media Relations | Campus Update | Public Safety | Parking | Capital Planning & Design


Amy West

Position: Communications Manager
Phone: 419-372-2003
Email: amywest@bgsu.edu

College of Business Administration

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Linda Zieroff

Position: Graphic Artist
Phone: 419-372-9497
Email: zieroff@bgsu.edu