ACEN 1000


Who should take ACEN 1000?

Freshmen students, who have received a score of 18 or below on the ACT test, may be recommended by their advisors to take ACEN 1000. The focus of this class is reading comprehension, which includes learning vocabulary and practicing study skills. Students may want to take this class to strengthen their reading comprehension and improve their study skills. Any freshman student wishing to improve reading comprehension and/or study skills may take this class.

How does this class benefit students?

Freshmen students sometimes have difficulty making the transition from reading high school textbooks to reading college level textbooks. These books are often more complex than the student is accustomed to and may be filled with difficult terminology. Also, college courses may require learning at a deeper level of understanding than they are accustomed to in high school. ACEN 1000 promotes improvement of academic performance through experiential activities and guided practice.

Special linked section of ACEN 1000 for UPAS Students

The linked section of ACEN 1000 offers direct practice of study skills with Sociology 1010. Vocabulary and text readings skills are applied to Sociology 1010.

ON-LINE ACEN 1000 – Fall 2011           

What if the student wants to drop the class?

Students are blocked from dropping this class on their own. This is because a certain population is required to take the class. All students must first contact their advisor who in turn will contact Sally Dreier (2-2679). This is merely a safeguard for the student who may need further advice on which class to replace the ACEN 1000.

Any other questions?
Sally S. Dreier
Learning Commons
Coordinator of ACEN 1000