Tutor Spotlight - Blade Frisch

This month's Tutor Spotlight is focused on Blade Frisch, a CRLA certified tutor for Computer Science.

Blade is a 6th year at BGSU studying Instrumental Music Education and Computer Science Education. Blade's primary instrument is the viola, but he also plays the violin, cello and bass. Blade has 19 brothers, 2 of which are blood related and the other 17 are siblings his parents, who are youth pastors, adopted. While studying at BGSU, Blade has been in many classes, of which his favorite was orchestra methods, which is the capstone class for musical education, where you learn how to run an orchestra classroom. Subsequently his least favorite class was GSW. Blade is also involved in Musicianship and Advanced Pedagogy, or M.A.P., which is a group which offers early field work and advanced training for music majors. Blade also has spearheaded a program in the Learning Commons called Lunch N' Learn, a program focused around looking into different topics within the computer science realm that aren't necessarily discussed within the classroom. This is the 5th semester that the Learning Commons has offered this program, which has grown from 1 to 9 weekly attendees. The students in the Lunch N' Learn program will research a topic in conjunction with Blade and then present what they have learned to the rest of the attendees in an hour of mental stimulus focusing on the computer science world. CS 2010 is a prerequisite to attend Lunch N' Learn, and if you are interested in attending, please stop in to the Learning Commons to find out more!


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