Remote Print provides users with the ability to conveniently print documents from their own devices to both ITS Lab Locations as well as a variety of stand alone stations all over campus.

Using remote print, you can send a document to be printed from a personal device in an on-campus location to remote print locations.  Then, once the you are at a remote print location, you can swipe your BGSU ID card or enter your BGSU username and password to unlock a listing of queued documents.  You will then select the appropriate document from the listing and print. Standard printing costs apply and documents left in the queue longer than 24 hours will be automatically released from the list with no charges being applied.

In order to utilize remote print each user will need to set up remote print on their device.  This set up needs to occur one time - the set up is not required with each print.  Set up instructions are provided below.

Remote print is available for Windows and Apple computers.  

If you would like assistance with remote print, click here to establish a live chat session with an ITS specialist.

Standard printing costs will apply to all print outs made through Remote Print.

To print your document:

  • If it the first time you are using Remote Print from a machine, set up Remote Print on the machine using the instructions provided above
  • Open the document 
  • Select the print option 
  • Select the "Remote Print" option in the list of available printers
    • Please note:  You will only be able to use this printer while on campus 
  • When prompted, enter your BGSU Username.  Be sure you enter the name correctly or you will be unable to retrieve the print

To pick up a printout:

  • You will have 24 hours to retrieve the document at any of the current BGSU Remote Print release stations 
  • Once at the appropriate station, 
    • either swipe your BGSU ID card or 
    • enter your BGSU Username and Password 
    • to unlock a list of all of the documents you have sent to be printed
  • Select the document from the list and it will print
  • A document left in the queue longer then 24 hours will be automatically removed from your list and you will not be charged for the cost of the print

Remote Print Locations

Please view the map or list below to find a Remote Print release station in your vicinity.

Business Administration Building
Computer Lab in room 1005
Computer Lab in room 2001
Computer Lab in room 2003
Computer Lab in room 2004
Computer Lab in room 4000
218 Lounge

Centennial Hall
Computer Lab in room 125

Conklin North
Computer Lab in room 116

East Hall
Computer Labs in rooms 115/116

Computer Lab in room 213

Falcon Heights
Computer Lab in room 101

Founders Hall
Computer Lab in room 142

Harshman Hall
Anderson Computer Lab in room 260

Hayes Hall
Computer Lab in room 02

Jerome Library
First Floor Lobby
Computer Lab in Room 125
Computer Lab in Room 142
Learning Commons

Kohl Hall
Computer Lab in room 004
Group Project Area

Kreischer Hall
Ashley Computer Lab in room 260
Darrow Computer Lab in room 260

Math Science
Computer Lab in Room 240

McDonald Hall
McDonald Hall Computer Lab

Computer Lab in Room 142
Computer Lab in Room 143

Olscamp Hall
First Floor Lobby

Psychology Building
Computer Lab in room 103

Student Union Internet Cafe
Second Floor near Off Campus Student Lounge
Union Lab in room 105

Technology Building
Computer Lab in room 247