Instructional Software Request Form

To submit a request for the installation of instructional software on a University computer lab or classroom system, please fully complete the form below.  Based on the information provided, a help desk ticket will be generated to address your request, and you will receive an email confirming creation of the help desk ticket.

For those looking for what was formerly known as the Academic Software Advisory Committee (ASAC), please click here.

Please read the following before completing the form:

  • Only software that is currently being used for BGSU class instruction will be installed.
  • Depending on the request, it may take between five (5) and ten (10) business days for this request to be processed.
  • A copy of this form must be submitted for each individual software package.
  • You will be notified by email once the software has been installed.
  • You will be notified by email at least ten (10) days prior to the date the software is scheduled to be removed.

After submitting this form, please deliver the following to items to the Technology Support Center (Hayes Hall 110):

  1. If a physical copy is available, a copy of the media needed to install the software (CDs, portable drive, etc.).*  If the software is available for download from the web, a direct link to the software installer can be provided with your submission.  If an account is required to download the software, you will be contacted to provide those credentials.
  2. A copy of the software’s license agreement (a legal document describing the usage and limitations of the software) and any additional terms and conditions provided by the software developer. If these are available via the web, please provide direct links in the "Additional Comments" section below; otherwise, digital or paper copies may be submitted.
  3. All installation materials needed to install the software, including any serial numbers, license codes, dongles, and/or hardcopy installation guides.*  Pre-release (alpha/beta), preview, or trial versions of software will not be installed.

* Note that any physical install media, guides, or dongles will be available for you to pickup from the Technology Support Center upon completion of the software installation.

Installation Information


Location Information

Indicate if you wish to have this software installed in either a lab or a classroom, then either select the lab location or enter a building and room number for the classroom.

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