In the News

Lee to Study Tourism in U.S., China
December, 2015 

National and global tourism are on the rise, and according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, are expected to contribute $11.3 trillion to the Gross Domestic Product over the next 10 years, and create more than 300 million jobs worldwide.

Dr. Bob Lee, program coordinator for BGSU's tourism, leisure and event-planning program (TLEP), was recently awarded two grants to conduct research on the tourism industry here and in China.

As the consumer becomes more educated about travel, it is increasingly important for faculty and students in the tourism field to become well versed in the cultural values of other countries, he said.

Akiko Jones Honored by Japanese Foreign Minister
November, 2015 

Akiko Kawano Jones, Asian studies, was surrounded by more than 100 of her friends, family, colleagues from Bowling Green and beyond, and current and former students while she was presented the Japanese Foreign Minister's Commendation on Nov. 6. Mitsuhiro Wada, Consul General of Japan, presented the award from Japan's Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida in recognition of her "outstanding efforts toward mutual understanding between Japan and the United States, with distinguished achievements which have contributed to Japan's friendship and goodwill with other countries."

The foreign minister's award tops the list of numerous recognitions Jones has received.

Over her 30 years of teaching, Jones has embraced her students as her own, teaching them not only the Japanese language but also the culture, taking them on trips to Japan and arranging internships for them with Japanese companies. In 2014, she established the Akiko Kawano Jones Study Abroad Scholarship to enable students to study in Japan.

She has also assisted Japanese businesses locating in northwest Ohio and served on Ohio trade missions to Japan. All those speaking in tribute to her noted her gentle but effective role in making things happen.

In accepting the award, Jones noted that when she came to the United States 45 years ago, people were so unfamiliar with Japanese life that they often asked her questions such as what happened to the "paper houses" when it rained. Today, she said, happily there is much greater cultural awareness.

The Popular Culture Shock
November, 2015 

Amira Hassnaoui prepared for the final exams for her bachelor’s degree while listening to the sounds of gunshots. Her country, Tunisia, was the in the midst of a revolution that would lead to the ousting of its longtime president and the democratization of the government.

“Witnessing the revolution, being through it and overcoming it and participating it, that was history, and there’s nothing else I can’t do,” she said. “The revolution hit me in the face and started to put things into perspective. I put our educational system into question along with our socio-economic system. There is a lot of corruption there. I felt the urge and need to be involved and be active. Maybe one way to serve Tunisia outside Tunisia is by promoting its culture and heritage.”


Undergraduates Embrace Global Education
November, 2015 

The second undergraduate research conference “Embracing Global Engagement: Internships, Service- and Experiential Learning in BGSU Education-Abroad Programs” on Oct. 7 was an opportunity to hear from BGSU students who “chose last year to leave their linguistic and cultural comfort zones here in Ohio in order to take advantage of BGSU’s education abroad programs,” said Dr. Christina Guenther, a faculty member in German, in her introduction.

The 19 presenters studied in ithe U.K., New Zealand and countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. During the daylong conference, about 175 attendees listened and engaged with the presenters as they told about their often transformative and surprising experiences. Four students were chosen to receive original glass awards created by BGSU alumnus Austin Littenberg.


Supply Chain Management Student Wins International Award
October, 2015 

Robert Everard, a senior majoring in supply chain management and applied economics, was honored with one of the most esteemed awards from the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS), a leading professional association for supply chain and operations management in the world. 

He was presented the Student Voluntary Service Award, which is given annually to one student who demonstrates outstanding leadership and a commitment to volunteering to the local Supply Chain Management Association chapter and community.



Taking a World View
September, 2015 

Shelby Eng is a big picture person, and one who is keenly aware that it is the small pieces that ultimately make the masterpiece. As she assembles her career foundation at Bowling Green State University, she looks well beyond the horizon and dreams about connecting with the rest of the planet.

“I would like to live abroad someday and be part of this increasingly globalized world,” she said. “And to do that I will need to be able to communicate with many different people and understand their way of life and culture. Beyond Bowling Green, I will be the best person possible, because I selected the best school for me.”



Alumnus Brings Chinese Art & Technique Home to BGSU

September, 2015 

Internationally acclaimed artist Xinle Ma has curated an exhibition of established Chinese painters whose work weaves a graceful thread between modern Western and traditional Chinese influences. The exhibit, “Fluent Expression: Modern and Traditional Chinese Painting,” will be on display from Sept. 4-30 in the Willard Wankelman Gallery in the Fine Arts Center at Bowling Green State University.

The exhibition will feature about 40 paintings by three artists in addition to Ma, a 1995 graduate of BGSU’s Master of Fine Arts program. They are Yu Zhixue, renowned in China for his snow scenes and landscapes; Ren Zhong, a successful mid-career artist, and Mou Cheng, one of the most revered artists in China, also known for his snow landscapes.


Internet Weaves
North and South
June, 2015 

Dr. Radhika Gajjala will be leaving the School of Media and Communication in July for a year in Norway as a Fulbright visiting professor at the University of Bergen.

Gajjala’s longtime teaching and research interests are a good fit with Bergen’s Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies and its Digital Culture Program and research group, she said. During her Faculty Improvement Leave year, she will spend about half her time teaching and the other half expanding her research on global media and digital cultures.


BGSU Students Receive Funds to Study, Research Abroad
June, 2015 

A second group of Bowling Green State University students will be able to study and conduct research abroad next semester thanks to the generosity of an alumnus with a strong belief in the value of international experiences.

Michael Hoskins, of Austin, Texas, a 1977 graduate, pledged funds to establish the Hoskins Global Scholar Program, which will support as many as five students annually. Last year he committed an additional $100,000 to expand international opportunities for students at the University beyond the College of Business Administration.


Chemical Weapons: Grunden Invited to International Conference
June, 2015 

Of all the weapons of war, toxic chemicals are in some ways the most frightening and the least well known among the general public in the United States, said Dr. Walter Grunden, a history faculty member and expert on military history.


May, 2015 

Two BGSU students will be trading their American classrooms for others in Mexico and Rwanda this August as recipients of Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Fellowships. For both, it will be the next step in a series of international experiences.


May, 2015 

Rokya Miller earned an associate degree in business management from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, a bachelor’s degree in business and communication from Pigier Ivory Coast, and a master’s degree in marketing from Pigier Ivory Coast—schools in Africa. 

May, 2015 

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed more than 7,000 on the other side of the world has shaken the lives of the 16 students from Nepal who attend Bowling Green State University.

Rita Subba lost three of her former students and nearly half of the houses in her hometown to the earthquake that struck just over a week ago. She cannot stand to watch the devastation anymore.

May, 2015 

For graduating senior Pedro Petribu, no distance is ever too far to travel toward his dreams.

The Recife, Brazil, native has never been shy about seeking out success. Luckily for both him and BGSU, his personal success has gone hand in hand with that of the organizations with which he has become involved.

Coming to Bowling Green State University was not in his original plans. After attending two years of law school in Brazil, Petribu realized that he wanted to do something different in life. While he’d always loved law, being stuck in one place “freaked me out,” he said, so he began to look at other options.

April, 2015 

Nigeria has a history of inept and corrupt leadership exacerbated by ethnic, religious and sectional biases. As the country’s recent election has come to a close, ushering in a new leadership, a book co-edited by Dr. Apollos O. Nwauwa, history and director of the Africana studies program, examines 50-plus years of the country’s leaders.

April, 2015 

BGSU students successfully participated in the 2015 Model European Union (EU) simulation, hosted annually by the University of Pittsburgh's European Union Center of Excellence, on Feb. 27 and 28. During the two-day simulation at the 20th Century Club, the BGSU students (representing the U.K., Luxembourg and Latvia) had to discuss and negotiate subjects ranging from the EU's handling of the Ukraine crisis to Great Britain's possible retreat from the EU as well as the growing rise of right-wing parties across Europe. The team returned home with a top award for its performances. 

March 23, 2015 

Dr. Diane Frey never thought she would visit East Africa, much less become involved in educational partnerships with Kenyan schools for girls and women with HIV-AIDS. But a Christmas visit to her sister in Nairobi, Kenya, several years ago led first to a personal passion and now professional engagement with support organizations, plus mutually beneficial relationships between Kenyan and BGSU students. 

March 2015 

One of the world’s largest conferences of university-based entrepreneurship centers was held in London and two BGSU business faculty presented the success story of the Dallas-Hamilton Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. Kirk D. Kern, Director of the Dallas-Hamilton Center and BGSU professor, Dr. Gene Poor, Hamilton Professor of Entrepreneurship, presented an engaging case study called “Resurrecting a Dormant Entrepreneurial Center.” The two faculty members held a 60-minute interactive breakout session to a room full of conference attendees. They described how a change in culture through engagement and co-curricular activities within the College of Business turned the dormant center into a vibrant hub for students and alumni in just two years.

March 2015 

Basil Alholaily came from Saudi Arabia to Bowling Green State University to pursue his dream of a college degree. Little did he know that during his time in the United States he would get a chance to fulfill a childhood dream as well.

Women's History Month
February 2015

BOWLING GREEN, O.—BGSU takes “girl culture” international this year for its celebration of Women’s History Month. “Global Girls” is the theme for the month’s events, which include girls and women from around the world. The month culminates March 30 with a research symposium, guest speaker and presentation of awards and scholarships.

Embracing Spanish Culture
February 2015 

Stacey Dickerson is anxiously awaiting her last semester to begin at BGSU. Instead of beginning classes on campus, she’ll be studying abroad in Spain for a second time. Studying overseas is not an easy decision to make, but being in the Spanish learning community, La Comunidad, has helped her to better prepare.

2014 News

BGSU Alumnus’ Donation to Support International Opportunities For Students
December 2014 

Michael Hoskins ’77, of Austin, Texas, has pledged funds to establish the Hoskins Global Scholar Program, which will support as many as five students annually. Student recipients will each be granted $5,000 to support their study abroad experience as well as explore a global academic opportunity to enhance their experience.



Newly Minted Citizens Take Oath at The Wolfe Center
November 14, 2014 

President Mary Ellen Mazey welcomes 45 new citizens from 23 countries Nov. 14 during a naturalization ceremony in the Donnell Theatre at the Wolfe Center for the Arts. Presiding was Magistrate James Knepp, a 1987 BGSU alumnus. Dr. Apollos Nwauwa, history and Africana studies, a naturalized citizen from Nigeria, addressed the group, noting that naturalized citizens are a "major bridge between their home countries and this country, with the ability to bring about knowledge exchange."


BGSU Welcomes Ukranian Women Leaders
November 13, 2014 

Five women leaders from Ukraine will visit the University Thursday (Nov. 13), hosted by the Russian Club. The visitors are learning about accountable government and how small and rural communities in the United States work with public, private and nonprofit sector partners on community development and quality of life issues. There will be an open meeting with the delegation from Ukraine in 219 Olscamp Hall from 1-2:15 p.m. 

Their visit is a part of the Open World program and funded by the Open World Leadership Center. The local partner, the Great Lakes Consortium for International Training and Development, was established in 1999 as a collaborative effort of BGSU, Lourdes College, the University of Toledo and WSOS Community Action. For 15 years the consortium has welcomed more than a thousand international guests from 17 countries around the world, and assisted 850 Americans to travel overseas on professional, educational and cultural exchanges. 


Undergraduates Win for ‘Embracing Global Engagement’ Presentations
October 30, 2014 

BGSU students pursue learning on a variety of fronts, both in and out of the classroom. Four undergraduates were honored Oct. 28 for presentations they gave at the inaugural Embracing Global Engagement Undergraduate Research Conference last month about their study abroad experiences. 


Undergrads Make Strides in Photochemical Sciences
August 28, 2014 

In his future career as a medical doctor, senior Christopher Sosnofsky may find himself using treatment techniques he helped develop as an undergraduate at Bowling Green. 


BGSU Student Speaks International Language of Fashion
August 21, 2014 

This summer, a display case in the Education Building contained several women's active- wear garments — a hooded sweatshirt, pants, two shirts, plus the "inspiration board" of their designer, recent graduate Ashlee Layman. The story of the clothes' journey from Bulgaria to BGSU is a tale of student and faculty creativity, resourcefulness and willingness to try something new.


BGSU's Otiso to Aid Kenyan University as Carnegie Fellow
July 17, 2014 

Dr. Kefa Otiso, a professor in BGSU's School of Earth, Environment and Society, has been selected to work with 24 higher education institutions in Africa on projects in curriculum development, research, training and mentoring, and graduate teaching.


Korean Students Visit for Media and Communication Institute
July 5, 2014 
A group of 14 young women from Korea visited BGSU to study United States media industry and culture during a 10-day stay.


Delegation from China Visit BGSU
May 8, 2014 
The President of Beijing Information Science and Technology University and members of his administration visited BGSU to continue to discuss possible partnerships.  President Mazey was able to visit BISTU in May 2013 and is excited that BGSU can work together to build partnerships that benefit students enrolled at both institutions.  BG Mayor Dick Edwards welcomed our guests to Bowling Green.  They also met with individuals at specific departments at BGSU and had a campus tour.  We look forward to seing them again soon.


March 31, 2014 
Bowling Green State University (BGSU) and The University of Toledo (UT) have announced a new collaboration designed to help meet the aviation industry’s growing worldwide demand for pilots, airport administrators and other aviation practitioners. The two universities have signed a letter of agreement to develop the Northwest Ohio Aviation Education Consortium.