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PDF Documents

Portable Document Format (PDF) documents require a recent version of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. The latter is freely available from the Adobe web site.

PDF Forms

Most of the forms on the Human Resources web site are PDF forms, which require Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader (see above). The forms may be completed, using a computer keyboard, and printed. Fields or items that require a signature must be completed manually before the form is submitted to our office for processing. A PDF form should display when the document link is selected. If not, click the Refresh or Reload button in the browser window.

Tips for Entering Data into a PDF Form

Click within a text field or item to enable it for data entry. An I-beam cursor will display indicating that data can be entered. Use the tab key to move from field to field.

Some fields require you to select a field by clicking within a check box or button. If you want to change your selection, click within the check box or button again to cancel your selection.

The large boxes are for entering multiple lines of text. Data entered in those boxes will automatically scroll to the next line when the current line is full.

Some fields in a form have a predetermined format. Such forms include Tool Tips which tell you how you should enter the data. For example,  a date field may require you to enter the date in a MM/DD/YY format. 

Values in some of our forms are calculated. Data cannot be entered into calculated fields.

Some of our forms include links. Links will be outlined in orange. Click a link to display the page.

Some PDF forms include Print and Clear buttons. Clicking the Print button will display a print dialogue box where you can set your print requirements. If you only want to print selected pages, enter those page numbers into the print dialogue box. The Clear button removes all data entered into the form. 

Most of our forms permit you to save the data you enter into the form, whether the form opens in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro. If you are completing a long form and can’t complete it in one session, save the form to you computer and complete it when you are able.