UPDATE: Classification Project 7-1-14

Dear Classified staff,

We are excited to report that the “roll out” phase of the classification project has been implemented without a hitch! Over the last several months we have been busy “rolling out” the following:

  • New classification specifications and titles
  • New pay grades that reflect the market
  • New compensation guidelines

Looking Back!

In reviewing the project in its entirety we have made tremendous strides in developing a classification and compensation structure that fits BGSU.   If we go back to the very beginning of the project below is everything we accomplished with the help of consultant, Aon Hewitt:

  1. Conduct staff question & answer session and executive interviews
  2. Develop new classification specifications - Click HERE
  3. Develop new market based salary structure (i.e. new minimum, EOP, and maximum ranges) - Click HERE
  4. Develop guidelines for compensation administration (Please look at the new policy for changes such as End of Probationary periods being 120 days instead of 180) - Click HERE
  5. Develop new classification specification questionnaire - Click HERE

We have accomplished a lot since the project began in the Fall of 2011.  And we should be proud of ourselves for what we have been able to accomplish in this amount of time!!  It has become clear that even though this phase of the project has concluded many, many more opportunities face us as we continue to work together. 

Looking ahead!

What can we look forward to? Classified staff can look forward to working within a classification system that is flexible and reviewed on a regular and consistent basis. The classification specifications will be updated when necessary and pay ranges will be reviewed regularly to maintain BGSU’s overall market competitive position. In addition, the Office of Human Resources will continue to work with classified staff to create a competency based system that rewards employees for achieving job related competencies (i.e. certifications, successful demonstration of learned knowledge/skills/abilities). We look forward to continuing to work with classified staff to make BGSU the best that we can be!

For more information visit our Classified Project page: HERE


Leslie Fern