Honors Learning Community

The Honors Learning Community (HLC) is a place of residence for those who wish to pursue great conversation and big ideas with others.  It’s an open atmosphere of students who are interested in all things a University can provide.  From art to business, music to philosophy, dance to chemistry, and creative writing to math.  This cosmos of passionate and learned students wish to excel through mentorship, guidance, discovery, adventure, and conversation.

The Honors Learning Community, located in Founders Hall, is an excellent option for Honors students. However, The HLC is also available to the roommates of Honors students (even if those roommates are not in the Honors College). If you choose to live with someone who is not in the Honors College, you and your roommate must request each other as roommates when signing up for housing. Currently, the HLC is located in old campus near the Student Union and downtown Bowling Green.  Single and double rooms are available in private suites.

The mission of the HLC is to create a seamless educational environment that supports the goals of the University Honors College. When one becomes a member of the HLC, this educationally motivated community comes alive as one shares their experiences of fascinating conversations in their small-size Honors classes.  When one enrolls in the University Honors College, it is highly recommended, however not mandated, to live in the Honors Learning Community

Members of the Honors Community pay $150 each semester to live in this interactive learning community.

In addition to direct access to Honors College faculty and staff, membership in the Honors Learning Community allows students to attend and participate in fully-funded local and regional overnight trips to plays, museums, musicals, and community events. Likewise, community members receive free access to computers, wireless access, meeting space, the Honors Den, and books for use in common reading book discussions. We also provide opportunities to connect with the community through civic and service involvement, partnering with many student organizations on campus. Finally, our community creates a positive environment to host some of the most compelling and engaging discussions you could ever witness or take part in.  We host peer-to-peer discussions, honors faculty symposiums, and nationally-recognized speaker forums.

The atmosphere in the HLC is friendly, relaxed, supportive, respectful, and fun. Social, cultural, and intellectual events are offered to enhance your BGSU and on campus living experiences. This creates a living learning community comprised of academically talented students, staff, and faculty.  

Finally, we invite you to greatly impact our community through your wisdom, character, and personality.  We know you have a lot to offer, and as you continue on this adventure of collegiate success and beyond, we will be there as a supportive mechanism for your growth and mentorship.  We believe that success is defined personally, whether that is finding life long friends, pursuing a life of service, curing cancer, or making feature length documentaries.  We want you to succeed, so join us.

For more information, contact the Honors Learning Community Director at honors@bgsu.edu.