Video Session

Each year during our August Program, we video record a number of sessions and make them available through BGSU's DVSS video reserve system. These videos can be viewed either from the library media reserve room, from any computer on campus (computer labs), or from a home computer if you have a high speed or broadband (DSL) connection.

2008-2011 Video Sessions:

Program Title Year
MANDATORY SESSION: Diversity Training: Humanities Troupe Performance Discussion 2011(2006)
MANDATORY SESSION: FlashPoint on Campus: Recognizing and Responding to Students’ Behavioral Concerns 2009
Academic Honesty: What All Graduate Students Need to Know 2011
Safe @ BGSU: Creating a Safe Environment for LGBT and Straight Supportive Students at BGSU 2011
Job Search Strategies for Graduate Students 2010
What is Academic Freedom? 2010
Learning 2.0 with Web 2.0 Tools 2010
Everything You Need to Know About the Graduate College 2010
Ethics in Teaching 2010
Becoming a Scholar: Key Considerations for Designing Graduate Student Research 2010
Your Health Care and Insurance 2009
Scholarship and Research at BGSU 2009
Research Assistantship: Both Sides of the Coin 2009
Publication Styles: Which One Should I Use? 2009
Lab Research in the Sciences 2009
Developing the "Promising Syllabus" 2009
Playing Work A Theatrical Look at Communication in the Workplace 2008
Overview of Student Money Management Services Programs 2008
Making the Transition from Undergraduate to Graduate School 2008
Lived Experience of an Immigrant - Juggling School, Work and Family 2008
Introduction to Academic Enhancement at BGSU 2008
How to Grade Less and Have a Life 2008
How to Get Your Students to Talk: Techniques for Classroom Discussion 2008

 To View a GSO Video:

Review the list of video titles at the bottom of this page. To view one of these videos simply click on the title and it will take you directly to the DVSS login screen.  Enter your login information and the video will open.  At this time you can select one of the two play options. 

If CLICK TO PLAY is not available for the desired title, you should follow the SCHEDULE VIDEO steps to view the video on your desktop. On the next screen, select "PC Desktop-on-Campus" from the building pull-down lists and enter your name and phone number in the appropriate boxes. Click on the GO button. The next screen allows you to confirm your programming choice. You must either select the CLICK TO PLAY or SCHEDULE VIDEO option on the bottom of the screen.

Conducting a Video Search:

After logging into MyBGSU select the Video Search link from the menu on the left side navigation bar.

Enter keywords describing the video topic you would like to watch in the Keyword search box. Use all lower case letters and, if applicable, use the wild card character (*) to search for strings of characters. Please review the Search Tips link for specific examples and additional searching assistance.

Click on the SEARCH button. After a few seconds, a list of media matching your search criteria will be displayed.

Play Video option:

If CLICK TO PLAY is available and you want to watch immediately, select that option.  A separate window will open and the video will begin to play.  You will also have the option to add the video to a list, email this video, and for some video topics there may be a transcript available.

Schedule Video option:

If only the SCHEDULE VIDEO option is available on the media confirmation screen, you will not be able to control your program. It will play automatically at the scheduled time.

After selecting SCHEDULE VIDEO enter the date and time you wish to view the program and click the Submit button. A confirmation screen will appear letting you know your request has been processed successfully. To view a video that has been scheduled for a later time on your desktop PC, return to the DVSS search page (My Video Search from the http://my.bgsu.edu search page) a few minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Select the PC Stream Guide link located on the left navigational bar. A schedule, which refreshes automatically, will be displayed on your screen. Scheduled videos appear on the list about 15 seconds prior to the scheduled start time. When you see the desired video appear in the list, select the WATCH button to the right of the requested video. A new window will open and your video will begin playing at the requested start time.

* If you experience problems with viewing the videos from a computer, please go to the help page: http://dvserver02.bgsu.edu/support/videohelp.html. Also, please alert the GSO Coordinator of Ongoing Programs to any problems you experience.

Filling Out Your Attendance Verification Form After Viewing a Video:

In order to receive credit for any session you attend, you must fill out an Attendance Verification (AV) Form. You are NOT required to have a signature for a videotape session. However, please be sure to give the full name of the video and a thorough summary on the AV form in order to demonstrate that you have viewed it. You must complete the evaluation portion of the form in order to receive credit.