A Literacy Opportunity, Tutoring & Intervention Program




The Literacy Opportunity Program provides affordable one-on-one instruction that targets a child’s challenges in reading (intervention) or enhances a child’s strength in reading (tutoring) through targeted or global instruction for a well-rounded learning experience.  Sessions are held in the Martha Gesling Weber Reading Center on the fifth floor of the Education Building on BGSU's campus.

A reading pre-assessment is administered on the first day. The results of the assessments as well as parent feedback are used to guide instruction. Each week, lessons are developed that encompass all or specific literacy cornerstones which include: Oral Language, Fluency, Vocabulary Development, Comprehension Development, Written Language, Attitude and Motivation.

Offered during the Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters

Instructors are licensed teachers with an Ohio PreK-12 reading endorsement who are pursuing a Master of Education in Reading. During the summer semester the instructors are licensed teachers with an Ohio PreK-12 reading endorsement and Master of Education in Reading.

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Connections is a program that offers free small-group reading tutoring and intervention to readers who struggle with reading at grade level.

This program is offered only during the summer in mid-July and is available to students in grade K-12.

The tutors/interventionists are licensed teachers who are completing the requirements for the Ohio Pre K-12 reading endorsement. The sessions are designed to meet the needs of a small group of learners in 60-minute sessions.

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