Educators in Context & Community (ECCO)

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                    Take your education classes to learn how to teach.

                    Take your “content” classes to learn what to teach.

                    Take ECCO to learn about who you’re going to teach.

Educators in Context & Community (ECCO) is a comprehensive career-based professional development learning community for education majors and others who work with children. We focus on acclimating educators to the diverse cultures and communities—urban, rural, and suburban—which their students bring with them into the classroom. We focus on preparing our members both socially and emotionally for the rigors of teaching. We focus on cultural competence—being aware of and able to work in diverse settings with diverse students. We focus on educators knowing themselves, their students, the community, and their profession. ECCO is open to all education majors and class standings. 

Educators in Context & Community