Masters Biz Mark Edu - Comp Tech-1

Business and Marketing Education

Bowling Green State University offers business education and marketing education programs, including teacher licensure, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students pursue a teaching license in conjunction with their pursuit of a baccalaureate or masters degree.

The integrated Business Education Program prepares students for both teaching and business careers. Graduates of the Undergraduate Business Program will be licensed to teach accounting/bookkeeping, personal finance, keyboarding, technology applications, word/information processing, business law, general business, business economics, records management, and business English from grades four and beyond. Graduates are also licensed to teach career/technical business courses, including the following areas of information technology: information services and support, network systems, programming and software development, and interactive media.

The Marketing Education Program graduates will be licensed to teach marketing from grades four and beyond.  Graduates of the Marketing Education Program who teach marketing (including DECA) and basic business education in public schools are often known as "teacher-coordinators." They teach classes including e-commerce, personal selling, advertising, business operations, employee supervision, fashion merchandising, hospitality management, travel and tourism, sport marketing, entrepreneurship, and introduction to business.

The Business Education and Marketing Education Graduate Program options are designed to qualify students for sound innovative teaching in the classroom, business and industry, and creative leadership. Students select one of the following options: integrated business and/or marketing licensure (grades 4 and beyond), master teacher (for those already teaching), post-secondary education (for those preparing to teach in colleges), or computer technology endorsement certificate (C-TEC).