Dear Prospective Student:

Thank you for your interest in the doctoral program Ed.D. in Leadership Studies. The following materials are required before a decision can be made regarding admission to the program.

Admission to the Program  

1. Admission to the Leadership Studies doctoral program is guided by a commitment to affirmative action as stated in the following University policy:

Bowling Green State University is committed to equal opportunity for all and does not discriminate in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs and activities on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, color, national origin, religion, creed, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, or veteran status.  

See also Bowling Green State University Student Handbook Policies and Procedures.

2. Admission to the Leadership Studies doctoral program is governed by the program’s graduate faculty and the policies they formally establish within the framework of the regulations of the BGSU Graduate College. 

3. Applicants may be fully admitted if the program graduate faculty deem that:

  • The applicant has at least a 3.0 GPA in work completed in the master’s program;
  • The applicant’s career goals and professional interests are consistent with the purposes and intended outcomes of the doctoral program; and
  • The applicant’s aptitude, commitment, and prior academic and professional performance are deemed sufficient to enable the applicant to successfully complete all program requirements.

4. Students enroll in cohort groups and begin their program during the Fall semester.  Enrollment in coursework must commence at the identified date for each cohort.  Reapplication for readmission is required for all students failing to enroll with the cohort during the identified enrollment period. 

Application Procedures

An admission packet including all pertinent admission forms and related materials can be obtained by contacting the EDLS office at 419-372-7377 or writing to the address indicated at the end of the Table of Contents. 

PHASE ONE:  Submission of Material and Review of Application  

Applicants must submit the following materials by February 1 before admission to the doctoral program will be considered by the Leadership Studies graduate faculty.  Only complete applications will be considered. Applications completed after February 1 will not be considered for fall admission.

1. An application for admission to the Graduate College of Bowling Green State University must be completed online and sent directly to the Graduate College.  Applicants previously admitted to the Graduate College also need to reapply.  For all applicants, the Graduate College requires:  

  • A completed Graduate College Application Form, online at http://choose.bgsu.edu/apply/online/?graduate
  • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate study (copies or transcripts issued to students are not acceptable);
  • Scores from the General Aptitude Test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) taken within the past five years. Post-master’s applicants do not need to submit current GRE scores if they have a graduate GPA of 3.0 or greater and an undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or greater; 

2. The following additional application materials should be submitted to the Program of Leadership Studies.

  • A completed Leadership Studies Doctoral Program Supplemental Application form;
  • Four letters of reference. On the whole, these letters should reflect a balance in the applicant’s academic ability and professional experience.  For example, two letters can be from individuals familiar with the applicant’s academic ability and two letters can document the applicant’s professional performance citing specific examples of leadership ability;
  • A personal statement, approximately two pages in length, describing the applicant's career goals and reasons for seeking admission to the Ed.D . program; 
  • A completed Application for Administrative or Supervisory School Licensure form if the student desires to seek Ohio administrative or supervisory licensure in conjunction with completing the Leadership Studies Doctoral program;
  • A completed Request for Graduate Assistantship form if the student is interested in being considered for an assistantship.  It should be noted that assistantship contracts are typically issued in Spring Semester for appointments beginning the following Fall Semester. 
  • Students receiving assistantships are required to be full-time students and provide a designated number of hours of service, depending on the terms of their assistantship, to the University.  Full-time EDLS students typically hold assistantships in the EDLS/EDAS programs in the College of Education and Human Development.  But interested students may also consider applying for teaching, research, and administrative assistantships in other areas of BGSU.  Students holding assistantships may not be employed full-time in other positions.  
  • A complete resume which should include at least the following components:  work history, types and dates of degrees, academic disciplines, post-graduate work, professional experience, professional activities, community memberships, special recognitions, awards, special certificates, and any other professionally related information a student may wish for the Leadership Studies faculty to review. 
  • In addition to the above materials, international students are required to submit a score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFOL).  The BGSU Graduate Catalog provides additional information regarding University admission policies that are pertinent to international students. 

PHASE TWO:  Personal Interview  

Students who are preliminarily approved for admission in PHASE ONE by the Leadership Studies graduate faculty will be invited to campus for an interview.  The purpose of the interview is to provide an opportunity for the student to articulate personal leadership philosophy as well as answer contextual questions from the Leadership Studies faculty. Faculty will address issues regarding program expectations and cohort policies, and review graduate college requirements and policies. Students who successfully complete Phase Two will be selected for full admission to the cohort to begin in the Fall Semester of the academic year.  

If we can be of further assistance to you, please contact  Leadership Studies Program Secretary, 550 Education Building, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio 43403-0250 or you can submit an electronic information request form .