Leadership Studies

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program in Leadership Studies is an interdisciplinary terminal degree offered by the School of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Policy (EFLP) in the College of Education and Human Development at Bowling Green State University.  It is a post-master’s program designed to engage professional individuals in a rigorous process of inquiry, practice, and reflection.  Individuals entering this program are typically individuals who hold master’s degrees in academic disciplines, have several years of successful professional/leadership experience, and are interested in preparing themselves for leadership roles in educational settings, faculty positions in colleges or universities, or leadership positions in businesses, human resource institutions and other organizations.  The primary aim of the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies is to prepare individuals to exercise leadership that will transform the quality of schools, colleges and universities, and other human resource institutions and thereby enable those organizations to attain specific goals and objectives as well as maintain their legitimacy within society. 

Students in the program come from a wide variety of professional fields, including elementary and secondary education, higher education, business, law, law enforcement, government, medicine, nursing, healthcare, psychology, and social work.  Although not leading specifically to administrative licensure, coursework included in the Ed.D. program may also be used to qualify individuals for Ohio school administrative licensure. The students in the Leadership Studies program enroll in cohorts, on either a three-year full-time basis, or a four-year part-time basis.

As a part of the program matriculation, students pursue a cognate area of study based on their professional interest, which includes a professional internship. In addition to engaging four research courses culminating with the development of their dissertation proposal, students are also engaged in coursework that explores leadership from a variety of research and practical perspectives, organizational change, adult development, institutional policy, and technical trends.  Students culminate their doctoral experience with a researched-based dissertation focused on their unique interests and emerge with a distinct leadership expertise.  

The Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies is a popular and competitive program that offers:

  • Cohort based dynamic face to face interaction
  • Convenient evening classes for demanding professional schedules
  • Full and part time curricular matriculation
  • Competitive graduate assistantships covering tuition and/or stipends
  • A research-based interdisciplinary focus that builds on and extends leadership capacity
  • Experienced, knowledgeable student-centered faculty

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