BGSU M.Ed. in Educational Administration & Supervision

The mission of our programs is to advance the understanding and practice of artistic, insightful, inventive, and ethical leadership in educational settings to contribute to and share the benefits of a just, caring, and democratic society. In keeping with this mission, the goal of the graduate programs is to develop effective leaders with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for helping to build learning communities within a culturally diverse society. We are committed to enhancing students' knowledge, capability, skill, vision, and perspective of educational leadership as well as providing additional insight into each individual's role in transforming educational organizations and communities.

The design of the graduate programs is based upon the belief that individuals learn to become effective leaders through a developmental process which includes inquiry, practice, and personal reflection. More than that, however, such leadership requires an integration of such knowledge into a multi-dimensional leadership perspective, which enables the exercise of a high level of personal artistry and integrity in dealing with the challenges, ambiguities, and paradoxes which characterize educational organizations. This process is one to which the Educational Administration & Leadership Studies programs contribute, but the process itself continues throughout the career of the individual as he or she constructs personal meaning from new learning.

BGSU is a proud member of the University Council for Educational Administration, a consortium of research universities committed to advancing the preparation and practice of educational leaders for the benefit of schools and children.

If you have any questions regarding the M.Ed.degree or Ed. S. degree, please contact Dr. Paul Johnson, program coordinator at 419-372-7369 or 419-689-1441 or by email at pjohnso@bgsu.edu.