Leadership Opportunities

School of HMSLS Opportunities 

  • Graduate Facutly Meetings Student Representative - The graduate student representative attends the School of HMSLS graduate faculty meetings, and provides student perspectives and concerns. This individual may become a member of ad hoc committees, and assists the graduate faculty in making decisions involving the graduate communittee. Meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month.
  • Community Outreach Committee - The primary committee for the organization of various community service events for students and faculty. Past events have included can drives for the Humane Society and dog walks. Current members are Chelsea Kaunert and Rachel Wright.
  • Graduate Student Advisory Board - This committee assists the graduate coordinator in indetifying and solving any current concerns in the student community. Current members are Melissa Fawcett, Reed Kaus, Campbell Query, Devansh Shah, Chris Thomas, Dano Tolusso, and Robert Turick.

University Leadership Opportunities

  • Graduate Student Senate - the governing body for graduate students at Bowling Green State University; strives to enhance graduate students’ academic and social experiences, and serves as the chief advocate for graduate student needs and issues throughout the university. HMSLS has one representative on GSS (see http://www.bgsu.edu/offices/sa/studentgovernment/gss/).
  • Graduate Women’s Caucus - provides opportunities for graduate students to channel their energy and resources into promoting the awareness of women’s issues on campus and in the community; meets the first Monday of each month from 1 to 2 at the Women's Center, 107 Hanna Hall (see http://www.bgsu.edu/offices/women/page53196.html)