In addition to the Vision and Core Values of BGSU, as a learning community we advance these shared ideals to help create and affirm a culture that encourages personal development, academic and professional integrity, and social action.

We believe that. . .

  • Effective learning respects how the forces of the past have shaped our current context, which will help us envision future challenges and opportunities.
  • The cultural legacy of every person should be appreciated, for it contributes to the human fabric of a global community.
  • Human dignity is honored through collaboration in the pursuit of educational goals and in practices that show our fundamental respect for others.
  • The quest for knowledge should be a lifelong process as we seek to fulfill our potential for human development.
  • Scholars learn best when they are willing to teach and teach best when they are willing to learn.
  • Our effectiveness is enhanced when theory guides practice and practice informs theory.
  • Higher education is best served when different approaches to learning are embraced and high expectations of learning are held.
  • Leadership in a community of scholars respects individuals' own motivations, including the desire to set their own goals.
  • Human understanding is fostered through the sharing of reflective thought in an atmosphere of appreciation and deliberation.
  • Human progress is best achieved when we balance the pragmatism of what we can do with the wisdom of what we should do.