Assistantship Information

Graduate assistantships for HIED doctoral students are available through the HIED program and various BGSU administrative offices.

These positions provide a tuition scholarship, a stipend, and an opportunity to acquire valuable experience. The majority of graduate assistantships are half-time, nine month positions, requiring 20 hours of work per week. 

The assistantship package represents approximately $15,252 for Ohio residents and $26,214 for out-of-state students. It includes a stipend of up to $12,118 (stipend increased to this amount in Fall 2008) and pays instructional, nonresident, and general fees. Assistantships may also be extended for the following summer contingent upon availability of funds and approval of the Graduate Dean. Graduate assistants are required to register for 12 hours during the fall and spring terms and nine hours during the summer term.

Renewal of assistantship awards is possible. An approved Tentative Degree Plan (TDP) on file in the Graduate College is required for processing the second year contract. Funding as a graduate student is available for a maximum of three years at the doctoral degree level (additional assistantships are not guaranteed but may be awarded under some circumstances.)

To retain an appointment, graduate assistants must make satisfactory progress toward a degree, and must perform duties satisfactorily according to the terms of the appointment.

It is expected that no person will apply for an appointment unless he or she is free to accept it, that a person will not engage in other employment while holding the position, and that one will fulfill the complete term for which the appointment has been granted. In accordance with a resolution adopted by the major graduate schools of the country, a student who indicates acceptance of an appointment before April 15 has freedom through April 15 to reconsider and to accept another appointment.

Links to current or recent HIED doctoral student assistantship sites: