Digital Texts Symposium

May 1, 2013 

US educational leaders have advocated that all K-12 students use digital textbooks by 2017. Many schools have already adopted 1-1 initiatives for digital devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) and others are implementing BYOD policies, so students are equipped with tools that will make utilizing digital resources possible.

These exciting and modern initiatives beg these important questions: What is the quality of digital materials available in the K-12 market? What resources provide exemplary experiences for students and teachers? Can school networks support media-rich digital texts on their current WI-FI infrastructures or do districts even have robust WIFI available in their buildings? How much will it cost to incorporate digital textbooks into the curriculum? How do teachers manage classrooms where students have access to multiple resources continuously?

These are some of the questions that will be explored at EDHD’s Digital Texts Symposium on Wednesday, May 1. Presenters will include digital texts developers and publishers, as well as K-12 teachers and administrators. Exploratory, hands-on sessions will be offered, allowing educators to evaluate the usefulness and meaningfulness of various formats. Learn how to author your own digital texts. Mark your calendars and plan to spend the day exploring the world of digital texts!

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Elliot Soloway
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor

Intergalactic Mobile Learning Center (iMLC)
College of Engineering, CSE Dept.
School of Information, School of Education
2260 Hayward, Room 3629, CSE Building
University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Mobile: 734-355-4098
On Twitter Follow @cathieANDelliot

Elliot Soloway is an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor in the Dept of CSE, College of Engineering, School of Education and School of Information, University of Michigan. For the past 10 years, Elliot’s research has been guided by the vision that mobile, handheld – and very low-cost – networked devices are the only way to truly achieve universal 1:1 in schools – all across the globe. In 2001, the UMich undergraduates selected him to receive the “Golden Apple Award” as the Outstanding Teacher of the Year.  In 2004 and again in 2011, the EECS College of Engineering HKN Honor Society awarded Elliot the “Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award.” Elliot is a co-founder of GoKnow, Inc. And, he is currently Chair and Grand Poobah of ISTE’s Special Interest Group on Mobile Learning (SIGML).

Soloway writes: "Speeding past Steve Jobs’ Post-PC Era into the Age of Mobilism, we can foresee how, by 2015, each and every student in America’s K-12 classrooms will be using their own mobile computing device with those devices engendering most disruptive transformation in education in 150 years. Classrooms will move from today’s “I Teach” teacher-centric and, by and large, ineffective and boring pedagogy to a “We Learn” pedagogy where the teacher learns along with the students, mastering content and practicing the key 21st century skills. Flipping the classroom is only the beginning; mobile technologies extend the classroom to support all-the-time, everywhere learning, to support the linking of the abstract ideas explored inside the classroom to the real world of people, places, things outside the classroom. And, most importantly make no mistake: THIS CHANGE IS INEVITABLE."

Cathleen Norris
Regents Professor

Department of Learning Technologies
College of Information
University of North Texas
Denton, TX 76203

Cathleen Norris is a Regents Professor in the College of Information, Department of Learning Technologies at the University of North Texas. Cathie’s 14 years in K-12 classrooms – and receiving Dallas’ Golden Apple Award – has shaped her university research agenda: helping teachers to more effectively employ mobile technologies in the 21st century classroom.  Cathie has been President of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), the leading international organization for technology-minded educators, and the President of the National Educational Computing Association (NECA), the association that organized NECC, the premier conference on technology in K-12.  Cathie is co-founder of GoKnow, Inc., a Dallas-based company that supports K-12 in using mobile learning devices.

Marty Park
KETS Engineer

Kentucky Department of Education (KDE)
personalized  • digital • learning • experience & design • 
voice: dir.4MJ.Park • 
twitter: @martypark • kyedtech.com

Marty Park started his professional educational journey as a primary classroom teacher, teaching 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders.  After completing his Master’s of Education with an Instructional Technology focus, he was hired as the Chief Information Officer and District Technology Coordinator for one of the 25 largest school districts in Kentucky.  After six years of managing a staff of technical and instruction technology specialists, leading many district-wide initiatives, and working collaboratively on the district level administrative leadership team, Marty moved on to the Kentucky Department of Education (2008-present).  In his current role as the Chief Digital Officer, he focuses on strategic implementations and experience design of new and emerging technologies for learning, while also working on and leading special projects statewide.  Marty also consults on federal and state programs, while also working with many leadership and instructional vision topics.  

Marty’s life and work as an Education Technology leader has been featured in many periodicals and publications including ISTE’s Learning and Leading, District Administration, Kentucky Teacher, and more.  Marty’s inability to not self-promote has led him to an opportunity to co-host the wildly popular video podcast, EdTech Sandwich and blog at KyEdTech.com.

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