Student Experiences


David Denison

England, Summer 2012

“I learned and affirmed how much I love traveling- how much I crave adventure. Meeting new people and learning from others is what life is all about.”

Molly Bacni

Brazil, Fall 2012

“My experience abroad has allowed me the opportunity to discover just how little I know about the world while igniting the passion, curiosity, and open mindedness [necessary] to live a more global life.”

Jill Cordonnier

Costa Rica, Fall 2012

“My experience in Costa Rica helped me realize things about myself that I never knew. It taught me confidence, introduced me to amazing people, and left me wanting to spend more time abroad!”

Zeke Gonzalez

Spain, Spring 2012

“I learned to step back and really observe people and how they do things.  You’ll never learn more about yourself than by learning about others.”

Jessica Kunasek

Tours, France - Academic Year 2012-2013

"Being abroad taught me how to be independent, how to take care of problems on my own, and how to communicate in situations where I wasn't fluent in the target language. I also learned how to handle and assimilate to a new culture and how to live with someone who doesn't have all of the same opinions that I do. Trying to discuss politics and religion and sexuality in a foreign language is definitely challenging, but when you get your point across anyway and have a really interesting conversation, the work is totally worth it."

Chloe Spencer

Poland, Summer 2013

"My experience studying abroad gave me more tools for my future career as an educator. It gave me many ideas for hands-on experiences that I can do with my students because our focus was "expeditionary learning." I realized that for students to really understand something, they must experience it with their own eyes and bodies. We saw places like the Auschwitz concentration camp, which gave us a better idea of what it was really like for these people in World War II (it was very eye-opening and humbling). We were also surrounded by a culture unfamiliar to us, so we had to learn new ways and adapt!"

Megan Schlosser

Thailand - Winter Break 2013

"When I studied abroad, I expanded my horizons. I was not prepared for what that actually meant. After seeing a whole new culture completely different from my own, I was shaken. All of a sudden, my values and beliefs were being challenged. When I expanded my horizons, my foundation shook. As everything settled, I learned so much about myself – emotionally and spiritually. I gained a great appreciation for the humility and respectfulness of Thailand. These newfound values have been incorporated into my everyday life. I have a great respect for educators and elders and the wisdom they hold."

Jordan Hurst

Austria, Summer/Year 2011-2012

“I gained an increased sense of independence and an ability to adapt to and interact with many different cultures.”


Julie Bland - Studying at Keele University, England

"My name is Julie Bland and I am an Intervention Services (Moderate-Intensive) Major.  I am currently in my Junior year and studying abroad at Keele University in Strattfordshire, England."

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Angie Burdge - Studying in Florence, Italy

"Hi! My name is Angie Burdge and I'm a sophomore at BGSU. I'm a journalism/public relations major with a minor in international studies. This spring semester I am studying abroad in Florence, Italy in a Kent State University program through the Ohio Consortium. It has always been my dream to live in Italy and travel throughout Europe and I am so excited to finally be doing both!! So now I'll be updating everyone back home on all my experiences living in Firenze and traveling to as many countries as possible. Ciao!"

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Adam Dunn - Studying in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"My name is Adam Dunn; I am a senior here at BGSU and have been accepted to finish out my undergraduate career about 5,000 miles south of the main campus! I will teach for three months, as well as do my best to travel should enough time be allotted. Come view my blog to gain insight into what it is like living and teaching in Rio de Janeiro. I hope that you join me as much as possible, as I discover all I can about myself and my world on this odyssey. Thank for taking notice and leave a comment when you do!"

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Nicole Dusseau - Studying in Alcala de Henares, Spain

"This will be my blog as I study in Spain. I'm basically going to write about everything: interesting things that happen, how I feel about everything, and how I am doing. My experience may be different than most because I have taken very little Spanish and I'm not a Spanish major or minor. Spain was really a whim... I have the time and could get the money, so why not? For me, this is really an opportunity to grow rather than a necessity."

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Katy Gehred - Studying at Keele University, England

"Hello, my name is Katy Gehred, I'm a Junior, and I'm going to be in England for Spring semester! I'm studying history at Keele University. Mostly I'll be based in Stoke on Trent, but I plan on travelling around Europe for a bit (hey, why not?) so I'll write updates on those trips too. I'm super excited, and I plan on documenting my crazy adventures here for posterity."

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Charlie Polinko '13 - Austria