Pre-Departure Information

After successfully completing your application you will begin to prepare for your time abroad. You will almost certainly have questions pertaining to everything from academics, to traveling, to safety abroad. It is an exciting time, but with so many questions you may feel some anxiety. No worries! Education Abroad provides you with the resources you need to educate yourself and make a smooth transition. Remember, the more you know the less overwhelmed you will feel.

Use these resources to prepare for your departure:

Follow the checklist in the Education Abroad application list to make sure that you have completed all of the forms necessary to study abroad. If you have any questions pertaining to the forms listed on application please contact the Education Abroad Office at 419-372-0479 or at edabroad@bgsu.edu.

  • Complete the mandatory pre-departure orientation modules in Canvas the semester prior to departure. You will be added to the Canvas course once you are accepted into your study abroad program.  This course may be taken for credit or non-credit bearing.
  • Keep yourself safe and healthy while abroad. Find out more about safety, security, and health abroad.
  • Preparing to study abroad with a disability
  • Do you know everything to know about your destination? Do you know how to get there? Click on Travel Resources for a great start.

Before you leave don’t forget to:

  • Register your trip on the US Department of State's website.
  • Purchase the International Student Identity Card.
  • Complete all of the post-decision requirements listed in your StudioAbroad application.
  • Make photocopies of essential information to leave with your family (passport, driver's license, credit cards, itineraries, important contact information while you are abroad, etc).