Electro-Mechanical Systems Technology

What is Electro-Mechanical Systems Technology?

Automated manufacturing and processing systems often require a combination of electrical and mechanical systems. Electro-mechanical systems technology prepares students for careers that require advanced knowledge of electronics and electricity, product design, and manufacturing. Practical applications of these technologies are evident in sophisticated motion control and hand-held electronic/photographic devices, materials handling equipment, micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS), vehicles, and vehicle subsystems.

Graduates of the electro-mechanical systems technology major are skilled technologists, prepared to fill positions in areas directly related to manufacturing, process control, mechatronics, testing, and sales. They may be involved in analysis, design, and setting up of manufacturing processes and systems, laboratory testing, product sales and service or applications engineering.

Student Organizations

Students have the opportunity to joing the International Society of Automation student chapter and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Participation in these organizations provide networking and professional development experiences. 

Career Opportunities

Electro-Mechanical Systems Technology graduates go on to careers such as System Analysts, Instrumentation Engineers, System Developers, Product Designers, and Production Supervisors

Program Requirements

A complete list of the required courses can be found on the program check sheet

Professional coursework in electro-mechanical systems technology is strongly oriented toward mathematics, science and communication. These classes are complemented by a core of business and traditional liberal arts courses.

The curriculum in the electro-mechanical systems technology program is also designed to accommodate the addition of several academic minors. With so many opportunities, electro-mechanical systems technology majors are distinctive professionals at the time they graduate.