Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we will have you in a plane the first week you are on campus. We prefer you begin flight training on your initial flight certificate as soon as possible allowing you to complete your degree in four years.

To complete the Bachelor of Science in Technology degree in Flight Professional Flight, our students will have their Private, Instrument, Multi-Engine, and Commercial flight certificates. The majority of our students also elect to earn their flight instructor certificate which are elective courses offered.  Flight Instructors build important flight hours and get paid for it while they are pilot-in-command.

BGSU contracts with Bowling Green Flight Center to provide flight instruction for the flight students. Also, BGFC provides the airplanes (3 different models) and two Frasca simulators. The majority of our flight instructors are graduates from BGSU Aviation program. Flight evaluations are conducted by the Federal Aviation Association with the proper pilot certificate issued at the successful completion of the evaluation.

To complete all required flight certificates you will need to invest $55,000 to $60,000 for the flight training. This amount is comparable with most other university aviation programs or pilot training schools. Financial aid is available.  Even though this seems like a great deal of money, the long term financial rewards with an airline pilot job are substantial. Click here for scholarship information.

The job market looks extremely bright. The major airlines are beginning mandatory retirement at age 65. U.S. airlines that require a 4 year bachelor’s degree will be looking to programs such as BGSU’s Aviation Program for many of their top prospects. It takes time to grow and develop a professional pilot. Starting this program now will put you in the best job market in years because of the pilot shortage already happening across our nation, and internationally.

Yes, you can go into the military. We have had graduates successfully become Navy, Army and Air Force pilots. Becoming a military pilot, especially in the Air Force is extremely competitive. If this is your goal, you must start working on it early in your education. We have also had good success with students joining the Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserves.

Yes. We have Alpha Eta Rho. We have also organized a BGSU Flight Team which will compete between other college flight programs. Our students who become active in these organizations tend to do better and have more fun during the four years they are at BGSU. One major benefit of being part of these organizations is the network you begin building for the rest of your aviation career.

As a professional pilot you can expect to fly for either a corporation or an airline. The very large majority of professional pilots are well compensated for a job that is never the same day-to-day. Every flight is new and different. The training to become a professional pilot is rigorous-and requires your full attention. It is a very serious thing to fly a large group of people or hauling important cargo across the nation or internationally. The training will be on-going during your entire flying career.