Minor in Public Health

If you're planning a career in medicine, nursing, or allied health a minor in Public Health will extend your knowledge and make you more marketable. The minor consists of six courses (18 credits) that are the basis for increased understanding of disease prevention, causes, transmission, and outcomes and policies that affect the health of our society.

Majors complemented by the minor in public health

  • medicine
  • nursing
  • environmental health
  • medical technology (clinical laboratory science)
  • health education
  • health care administration
  • dietetics
  • economics
  • journalism

Required courses

To receive the minor on your transcript you need to complete six of the courses listed below. The College of Health and Human Services accepts two of these courses (PUBH 3010 and PUBH 3200) as General Education Social Sciences. Some courses in the list are also requirements or electives for various majors. Note that a student's minor must include at least 15 hours of courses that DO NOT also count toward requirements in the student's major degree program requirements.

  • PUBH 2100. Introduction to Community Health
  • PUBH 3010. International Health (approved for General Education Social Science International Perspectives)
  • PUBH 3100. Community Health Planning & Evaluation
  • PUBH 3200. Introduction to Public Health (approved for General Education Social Science)
  • PUBH 3300. Research Methods in Public and Allied Health (core requirement for Applied Health Science)
  • PUBH 3400. Introduction to Human Diseases
  • PUBH 4020. Issues in International Health
  • PUBH 4030. Global Health
  • PUBH 4500. Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • PUBH 4490 or BIOL 4490. Epidemiology
  • GEOG 4240 or Geographic Information Systems

Contact Information

For more information or to make an appointment with an advisor, call the College of Health and Human Services at (419) 372-8242 or e-mail your questions to Tom Gorman at tgorman@bgsu.edu.