Frequently Asked Questions

Applications are mailed upon request in September/October of each year. You may request an application by e-mail, phone, fax, or letter. Our office information is shown below:

Bowling Green State University
Medical Laboratory Science Program
504 Life Science
Bowling Green, OH 43403
Phone: 419-372-8109
Fax: 419-372-0332
Students who expect to complete the admission requirements by the end of their spring term should apply in the fall.

Yes, students may be admitted from other colleges and universities. Admission is based on the same criteria as for BGSU students. However, you must complete all of the program's admission requirements (or the equivalent) with the exception of MLS 4110-4120, Clinical Immunology Lecture and Laboratory and MLS 4340, Clinical Parasitology. These courses will be offered to transfer students during the summer and fall terms as independent study classes.

Students admitted to the program from other schools may choose to transfer their college credits to BGSU or may transfer credits for the professional training courses back to their college of origin. Students who decide to transfer to BGSU may also be required to take some additional courses to satisfy the general education requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science. Students who elect to receive a degree from their parent institution must provide a letter from their academic advisor stating that they will meet all of the requirements for the baccalaureate degree upon completion of the BGSU program.

Yes, students who hold a baccalaureate degree are welcome to apply as long as they meet the program's admission requirements. Upon completion of the program you will receive a certificate of training which makes you eligible to sit for the ASCP MLS certification exam. You will earn sufficient credit hours in the program to qualify for a second baccalaureate degree; however you may be required to complete additional courses. As a degree holder, less financial aid may be available than for traditional undergraduate students, and you should contact our Office of Financial Aid to determine your status.

Yes, as part of the admission process all applicants are interviewed. Special arrangements will be made for students who must travel a long distance.

The interview is with a group of representatives from our affiliated hospitals. The interview panel members will ask you a set of questions chosen to define your interest level and knowledge about a career in medical laboratory science. Although the process is less formal than a job interview students should still dress accordingly. Applicants are advised to talk as much as possible (avoid yes or no answers) and ask questions about the program and the clinical sites.

Applicants are chosen in March and are notified by mail within 3 working days of the committee's decision. This gives the committee an opportunity to review the candidate's grades for fall (and winter) term.

The main outcome measure of this program is employment in the Medical Laboratory Science field.  The employment rate for our graduates is 100%, exclusive of students who go on to graduate school.  Often graduates are hired by the hospitals where they do their Phase II training.