Student Ambassadors

The College of Business Student Ambassador Program utilizes a select group of knowledgeable, motivated, and enthusiastic student leaders to assist the dean and the College with engaging business alumni, current students, and prospective students. Student Ambassadors represent the College at events both on- and off-campus.

Student Ambassadors are selected during an application process and receive training in such areas as networking and presentations to prepare them to travel with the dean to alumni events and accompany our undergraduate recruiters on school visits to meet with prospective students and their parents.

Current Student Ambassadors

New 2015 Spring Student Ambassadors

Why Become a Student Ambassador?

The benefits to becoming an Ambassador include the following:

  • interacting with College of Business leadership and faculty
  • developing vital business skills such as presenting and networking
  • meeting prominent BGSU alumni and expanding your network of professionals
  • traveling throughout the U.S.
  • “giving back” to the College of Business and helping recruit future business students to BGSU

Here are several business students describing the Student Ambassador program and their experiences as an ambassador.

BGSU College of Business: Student Ambassadors

My Story


Hello, my name is Julie Thielman. I am a junior specializing in marketing and business analytics. I come from Green Bay, Wisconsin; and I’m here to tell you that grandma really does know best!

My grandmother lives in Napoleon not far from Bowling Green. She begged me to consider BGSU so I would be closer to her. She always told me how great the school is, how many members of my family attended BGSU, how much I would love it, how great it would be to have me close, and on, and on, and on…

So, to get her to stop begging, I finally said, “Fine, I will check out Bowling Green.” When my family and I arrived on campus, we thought that we would be able to drive through the campus; turns out we were wrong, you can only go around campus. So there we were driving on the outskirts of campus, passing all the new buildings, The Stroh Center, Centennial Hall, and it resonated with me. I loved it!

It was a smaller campus so that I wasn’t just one more in a crowd and I wouldn’t have to walk 40 minutes to class. But, it wasn’t too small, it wasn’t high school round two. I felt BG had everything it needed to become a home; and it did! And to my amazement, it had so much more. Thank goodness my grandmother begged me to look at BGSU, because without her intervention, I never would have had the amazing experiences here at BGSU.


My BG experience has been far different than I expected. When it came time for me to choose a college, I didn’t know where to start. In general I just thought college was going to be more school, more work, and lots of reading from very expensive text books. It was just four more years, and, don’t get me wrong, I was really right, but I was also, thankfully, very wrong. At Bowling Green, I learned college is far more than school. It is lifelong friends, a true home and my three second families.

POINT ONE: MY FIRST SECOND FAMILY is the sorority Alpha Chi Omega and the eighty-some sisters I have there. These women gave me confidence to be a leader and take on several positions, including Domestic Violence Awareness Chairwomen- where I got to put my skills to good use and help plan our philanthropies to raise money for the local women’s shelter. In addition, I was promotions chair- where I am learning a more business side of social media.

But is it so much more than just my positions, we also became acquainted with the finer things in Bowling Green, like the warm cookie delivery service named the Cookie Jar and its cookie of the day…if you haven’t had the inception cookie (an Oreo wrapped in a chocolate chip cookie), you haven’t lived.  Or getting the pizza alternative, stuffed break sticks at Campus Pollyeyes. And, there is dairy queen that serves like two blizzards for the price of one. As you can tell my college experience has been very healthy!  We won’t tell that part to grandma! Movie nights, sisterhoods, memories I won’t forget, and sisters I’ll have forever are what have made Alpha Chi Omega my first second family.

POINT TWO: THE SECOND, SECOND FAMILY IS the College of Business and two student organizations. First, the American Marketing Association- who has opened my eyes to the many branches of marketing, and is helping me confirm my passion for marketing through meeting activities and speakers.

Also, the Student Ambassador group, who has quickly become a close network of friends as we learn to be better presenters and networkers, skills I know will be extremely valuable throughout my career. Together these organizations have helped make not only the university, but the College of Business, a true home.  

POINT THREE: MY FINAL SECOND FAMILY is the group I spent the best four months of my life with- my Hong Kong study abroad group. This experience allowed me to fully immerse myself into a brand new culture and really get to understand it, along with an amazing group of people in the same position. Not only am I close with several of the BG students who ventured there with me, but I now have a family of friends across the world, with bonds made stronger through adventure. With this incredible group of people, I journeyed into China, to see a wonder of the world- The Great Wall, and I went down to Singapore to see the shining city. I learned how to meld and work and live with a variety of cultures and found that my abilities are far greater than I thought. It was a spectacular experience that has made my home a whole world bigger.

REPEAT MESSAGE OBJECTIVE: So, as you can see, through my time at BGSU I have developed three second families: my sorority, the College of Business, and my study abroad group. Like true families they are helping me get better in many ways. They are honing my idea of what I want to do with my future; they are broadening my scope of the world, and helping to make me a better version of myself- essentially everything college is supposed to do.

Now, they are helping me with my next step in life- work. Each of my families has helped me find where to apply to help me achieve my goal of brand manager, they have given me tips on how to ace an interview, and encouraged me every step of the way.

WRAP UP: So while college is exactly what I thought it would be- a lot of work, through how I got here, the lifelong friends and families I have gained, and places BG is taking me, I have found it to be so much more. Bowling Green State University is now and forever will be more than just a college- it will be a home full of second families.

I am very grateful for the support of generous alumni like you, being from out of state, the three scholarships that I have, have made it possible for me to attend this incredible Institution. Thank you for being here tonight and I look forward to talking with you!