Nursing Application

BSN Professional Major Application Process and Checklist

Application Process (Complete All Steps, As Indicated Below)

Omission of a step could result in an incomplete and/or invalid Application to the Program

  • STEP 1: Contact your nursing advisor to discuss program and admission details.
    • Discuss your eligibility for program.
    • Discuss transcript evaluations.
    • Discuss admission to BGSU.
  • STEP 2: Complete the BSN Professional Major Supplemental Application and return it by the application deadline (See below):

Bowling Green State University
College of Health & Human Services
Marcy Beaverson, Health Center, Rm. 102
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403

  • STEP 3: Complete the NursingCAS online application
    • General information regarding NursingCAS, as well as application instructions, can be found at http://www.nursingcas.org 
    • Before you begin the online application obtain student copies of your college transcripts to assist you in completing the course work section for the application.
    • Read the NursingCAS Admission Code of Cooperation for applicant responsibilities.
    • Request official transcripts from each institution attended by using the transcript request form in NursingCAS. Complete the form and submit it to the registrar’s office of each institution attended and instruct them to enclose the form with your official sealed transcript. Transcripts must be sent to the NursingCAS Transcript Department. Nursing CAS accepts official transcripts directly sent from the registrar’s office ONLY. Please send transcripts as early as possible and no less than 4-6 weeks before the application deadline due to the time needed by NursingCAS to verify your application.
    • Please check with your nursing advisor to determine if the advisor requires official transcripts. A final transcript must be sent at the completion of in progress courses to the nursing advisor at the home university.
    • Pay the initial service fee of $45 when submitting the NursingCAS application.

 Applications must be submitted by the posted deadlines (Dates are subject to change)  

Semester of Entry NursingCAS and Supplemental Applications Open NursingCAS and Supplemental Application Deadline
Summer October 15 January 15
Fall February 15 May 1
Spring June 1, August 15** July 31, September 1**

 **The NursingCAS applicant portal closes on August 1st and reopens on August 15.  Please note that any documents that come in after August 1 will not be processed until the applicant portal reopens on August 15.  If you do not electronically submit your application prior to August 1, you will need to create a new application after August 15.  Application website: https://portal.nursingcas.org.


  • Contact Nursing Advisor
  • Complete BSN Professional Major Supplemental Application
  • Obtain student copies of transcripts to begin NursingCAS application
  • Read Nursing CAS Admission Code of Cooperation for applicant responsibilities
  • Complete transcript request form for each institution attended and direct registrar’s office to attach the form to official transcripts and mail directly to NursingCAS Transcript Department
  • Complete NursingCAS application and electronically submit with payment by the posted deadline
  • Return BSN Professional Major Supplemental Application to the appropriate nursing advisor by the posted deadline
  • Provide final transcripts of in progress courses to the appropriate nursing advisor