Bowling Green State University Speech and Hearing Clinic

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Speech and Hearing Clinic

The BGSU Speech and Hearing Clinic offers state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic speech, language, and hearing services while acting as a training facility for master's- and doctoral-level speech-language pathologists.

Professionally experienced faculty and clinical staff are state licensed and nationally certified speech-language pathologists and audiologists. Under the supervision of these professionals, enthusiastic graduate students receive valuable academic and clinical experiences.

To learn more, please visit the Speech and Hearing Clinic web page or the Audiology Clinic web page.

The ROWing Clinic (Reading, Organizing, and Writing)

The ROWing Clinic was developed specifically to help students navigate the rough waters of school and college. The Clinic serves both children and adults who struggle with reading, organizational skills, and/or writing. Both school-age students and college students can arrange for comprehensive assessments as well as therapy services through this clinic.

Additionally, consultation services are available to speech-language pathologists, teachers, and other professionals who work closely with individuals who struggle with reading, writing, and organizational skills.

To learn more, please visit The ROWing Clinic webpage.