Finding an Advisor

Who's My Advisor?

College Advisors:

The CHHS Advising Center oversees the advising activities of the college. We strive to keep students informed about the numerous academic policies, procedures, rules, and regulations related to completing a degree at BGSU. We share information weekly through the Student Insider email. We also monitor academic progress and certify degree completion. Our staff are knowledgeable about ALL kinds of procedural issues and we can help students with nearly any kind of general question. CHHS Advising Center staff meet:

  • Primarily with first and second year students
    • All "pre-major" status students (pre-criminal justice, pre-gerontology, pre-social work, etc.)
    • All applied health science students, pre-nursing and nursing students
  • Any student who might want to change a major to one of those housed in the college or transfer out of our college to a different major at BGSU
  • Any student in the college who needs help figuring out BGSU policies, graduation requirements, procedures, etc.
  • Any student in the college who is experiencing a problem that will impact their academic pursuits (closed courses, extended illness, etc.)
  • Any student who needs assistance with academic appeals procedures

Faculty Advisors:

Students are assigned a faculty advisor by their major department. Students should seek their faculty advisor for the expertise within the faculty member's area of study. These areas include:

  • Internship preparation
  • Career preparation
  • Course sequencing within the major area
  • Concerns related to the major area of study
  • Approval of any deviation from the published curriculum (course substitutions, etc.)


College Advisors:

Students enrolled in our college can schedule appointments online using successNet through their MyBGSU account. More details are available on our Advising Appointments page.

Faculty Advisors:

Students should learn their individual faculty advisor's preference for appointments. This can include anything from dropping in during office hours or calling the department to schedule a meeting time. Students can see their assigned advisor's name by checking the 'Advisor' box of their Student Center, within MyBGSU.

  • Applied Health Science 419-372-8242 - Students in this program are advised by the CHHS Advising Center staff.
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders 419-372-2516 - Each student receives a letter from the department that includes the name of the student's assigned faculty advisor and instructions on how to contact the advisor. First-year students can meet with a college advisor: Rachel Neltner or Andrea Siefker.
  • Criminal Justice 419-372-2326 - Students in their first 3 to 4 semesters should meet with their college advisor, Kate Miller. Students in the Forensic Investigation specialization should meet with Chris Venable. After the first 3 to 4 semesters, a faculty advisor will be assigned.
  • Gerontology 419-372-2326 - Students can call this number to arrange a meeting with Dr. Stelle. First-year students may also meet with their college advisor, Amy Ferree.
  • Medical Laboratory Science 419-372-8242 - Students can call this number to arrange a meeting with their faculty advisor.  First-year students may meet with their college advisor, Chris Venable.
  • Nursing 419-372-8242 - Marcy Beaverson is the Nursing Advisor. Students can make appointments with Marcy by calling the Advising office or via successNET on MyBGSU. 
  • Social Work 419-372-2326 - Dr. Derek Mason is listed as the faculty advisor for all students in the program. Call the department to arrange a meeting. First-year students may meet with their college advisor, Amy Ferree.

Tips for a Productive Meeting

  • Keep all of your academic records in a folder or file and bring the folder with you - this includes your degree checksheet, DARS report, grades, current class schedule, etc.
  • Bring a pen or pencil and paper
  • Write down your questions in advance so you don't forget to ask something
  • It is common for advisors to refer students to other campus offices, be sure to ask if there are other resources you might utilize