Advocates Board

Advocates agree to serve the College in its continual quest for excellence; by sharing their expertise and insights; by helping promote the outstanding programs and students; and by enhancing the College’s reputation.

The College Advocates will be composed of distinguished alumni and other friends who are representative of the College’s many departments and programs.

Meetings of the Advocates will be scheduled by the Dean or designee after consultation with members of the Advocates.  The Advocates can also request that a meeting be scheduled.

Membership on the Advocates will be for a three-year term and no member shall serve more than two consecutive terms. Specific responsibilities of Advocates will be:

  • To share information about the quality of the College’s programs and the accomplishments of its students, faculty, and alumni with the broader community.
  • To increase a sense of pride, loyalty and connection to the College among alumni, friends, and members of the public.
  • To contribute, and to encourage alumni and friends to contribute time, talent, and/or funds in support of the College, its programs, and—most importantly—its students.
  • To assist the College in improving alumni relations.
  • To advise on issues involving College programs, curricula, student placement, development, and other important matters.
  • To assist in the recruitment of outstanding students and serve as a career resource for students enrolled in the College.
  • To undertake other specific responsibilities as may be requested by the Dean of the College.

Membership information and application form.