Internship Insights

Student Spotlight - Adam Sehlmeyer

How did you acquire your internship experience?
I developed a good relationship with a professor who teaches the higher level Sport Management classes and also is the internship coordinator Dr. Raymond Schneider. We spoke a few times and he made a phone call for me to get me into contact with the Tigers clubhouse manager. I spoke with him on the phone, set up an interview time and date and received the internship.

What sorts of projects or tasks did you work on or complete during your internship?
I was a clubhouse attendant so I worked on keeping the clubhouse organized and stocked. I dealt with inventory of our equipment, and also met the players requests that they asked for. I helped with laundry, cleaned cleats, organized lockers, stocked the food room, and also helped out with the visiting clubs that came and played.

What skills or other valuable insights did you gain from your experience?

I developed professionally by being around superstar athletes and making sure I maintained composure and acted in a professional manner. I learned about certain tricks to keep players happy because when they are happy my job got a lot easier.

What advice do you have for student who are hoping to secure or are planning to complete and internship/co-op experience?
Make sure you get involved with organizations on campus that was one of the biggest things that in the end helped me out. Another tip would be to gain as much experience as possible, volunteer or find part time work with any sports organization possible. Getting involved and gaining experience opened up a lot of doors for me and I know I wouldn’t have got to experience what I did without my prior work.

Why do you think it is important for BGSU students to participate in internship or co-op experiences?
These experiences will give you valuable insight into the sporting industry, they can also lead into future jobs. Internships are a perfect way for you to use what you learned in class to real world work situations. Internships are a perfect way for you to show what that BGSU education you’ve received can translate to in the real world.