Bowling Green State University guarantees students who complete the Falcon Internship Preparation Program, and meet the identified criteria,  the opportunity to participate in an internship or other experiential learning activity during their undergraduate career.

Register Here to Participate

Incoming first-year college students are eligible, including those who have completed college credits during high school. Not applicable for transfer students who have attended any post-secondary institution as a college student.

To qualify to participate in the program, students must register before the end of their first semester.

Experiential Learning Activities

Experiential Learning involves active, hands-on learning. These experiences may take place on campus or off campus, during summer breaks or concurrent with an academic semester. Options include:

  • Internships (paid or unpaid)
  • Co-ops
  • Undergraduate Research
  • Field Experiences
  • Clinicals
  • Practicum
  • Case Studies/Group Internship

Student Criteria

To qualify for the Falcon Internship Guarantee, students must successfully complete the Falcon Internship Preparation Program and meet the following criteria:

  • Maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA (or other academic requirements listed for the degree or program.)
  • Declare a major by sophomore year
  • Making satisfactory progress towards a degree (as defined by BGSU’s “Unsatisfactory Academic Progress” policy found in the Undergraduate Catalog and the Student Financial Aid “Satisfactory Academic Progress” policy)
  • If applicable, pass an employment background check.


*Students must complete all of the following components of the program within the first two years of college to be eligible for the Falcon Internship Guarantee.

Establishing a Pathway to Internship and Career Goals

Career Development

  • Complete FOCUS: Self-Assessment Section (Work Interest, Personality, Skills, Values, Leisure)
    • Log in to your MyBGSU web portal
    • Click on “Student” tab
    • Click on FOCUS Self-Assessment: Find Your Career link found on the left navigation bar.
  • Attend an “Overview: Internship and Career Goals” workshop.
  • Optional – Undecided: Career Exploration Workshop. Listed on the Career Center Calendar of Events, RSVP.
  • Informational Interview Project.
    • This will be due on or before December 31, 2016. The assignment can be found and completed in the Canvas Falcon Internship Guarantee Program course. See Canvas course “Assignments” for assignment details and submission.


UNIV 1310 – Career & Life Planning Course. This course is optional and includes the FOCUS self-assessment, Career Goal Workshop and Informational Interviews.

Internship Preparation

  • Attend a Resume Enhancement Workshop. **
    • Upload an approved resume to WorkNet.
  • Participate in a Hot Spot: Internship Search Workshop. **
  • Attend a Skype Mock Interview Workshop. **
  • Attend at least one EXPO Job and Internship Fair each year.
    • Take advantage of EXPO Prep or related preparation activities, to maximize your experience.

Internship Transition

  • Register your internship, co-op, or other experiential learning activity with the University.
  • Attend a “Succeed at Your Internship” Workshop and discuss your internship plans with the Career Center.

Internship Follow-Up (after completion of experiential learning activity)

  • Submit a written synopsis of the experience via Canvas.
  • Meet with career consultant in the Career Center.
  • Continue communication with Career Center regarding additional internship experiences.

**For available workshops dates and times, please refer to the Career Center Calendar at hire.bgsu.edu. If unable to attend a particular workshop, individual appointments are available with career consultants.

Typical Path for a Student Completing the Falcon Internship Guarantee

  • Freshman
    • Apply to participate in the Falcon Internship Guarantee
    • Begin the Falcon Internship Preparation Program
      • Attend an overview session
      • Participate in individualized/group career exploration meetings with career consultants or complete UNIV 1310
      • Attend Fall and Spring EXPO Job & Internship Fairs
    • Declare major
  • Sophomore
    • Complete the Falcon Internship Preparation Program
      • Participate in individualized/group internship preparation appointments with career consultants
      • Attend Fall and Spring EXPO Job & Internship Fairs
      • Complete internship transition workshop
    • Apply for, interview, and obtain an internship or co-op experience
  • Junior
    • Process internship experience with career consultants
    • Provide written synopsis of internship experience to the Career Center
    • Complete additional internship experiences
  • Senior
    • Complete additional internship experiences
    • Work with career consultants on job or graduate school search process

Falcon Internship Guarantee Registration Form

To register to participate in the Falcon Internship Guarantee program, complete the following form. For questions regarding this program, contact the Career Center at 419-372-2356.

How did you learn about this program:*

(If you chose other please elaborate in text box below.)

Upon completion of the form, you will be contacted to attend an overview workshop.