Career Resources

Use these resources to improve your resume, interview skills, and to explore different career paths.

Job & Internship Websites

Browse through these online resources to aid in your job and internship search.

B!G Job Search Guide

From starting your job search to accepting a position, theB!G Job Search Guide can help you with each step of the process!

Career Center Library

Search through our specialized collection of career planning and employment resources.

Resume Writing

Improve your resume with these tips, tools, and samples.

Job Search Letters

Craft professional cover letters, thank you letters, and other job search letters using this great resource.


Come prepared and confident to your next interview by checking out these tips and tools.

Student Teacher Information

Learn more about job search essentials and upcoming events for teachers.

NACE Salary Calculator

Use this program to gain compensation guidance.

BGSU Majors and Programs

There are more than 200 undergraduate majors and programs of student in seven colleges, as well as master’s and doctoral level programs to choose from.

FOCUS: Find your Career

FOCUS is designed to help you assess your interests, skills, values, and personality to find your ideal career path.

Graduate School

Learn more about furthering your education with Graduate studies.

Credit Reports - Student Money Management Services

Some potential employers will want to see a copy of your credit report before making a hiring decision. Be prepared and know what is on your credit report by visiting Student Money Management.



BGSU's Online Job & Internship Database


Assess your skills and map out your career plan, search for jobs in your area and post your resume for Ohio employers.


Resources for all BGSU students interested in applying to international jobs and internships. Additionally, there is an H1B Visa database for international students.

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