Welcome Week Bike Tour

Please complete the form below if you are interested in participating in the Welcome Week Bike Tour on Saturday, August 30th. Priority will be given to first-year students.

Students will be escorted through the Slippery Elm Trail via a bike tour, which begins at the parking lot near the BG Montessori School. Sign up and registration begins at 8:30 AM. Students who do not have a bicycle or helmet will be provided one for the day. Participants can do the regular tour (10 miles) or the extended tour (26 miles). Participants will be provided a free lunch and t-shirt at the trail entrance. Please register before Friday, August 29th. Participants will be contacted prior to the event with a reminder e-mail and any additional information.

we no longer have bicycles available to borrow for the day. if you are just now signing up for the event please ensure you have your own bicycle or can borrow one from a friend - Thank you!

First Year Sophomore Junior Senior Other

Small Medium Large Extra Large

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Regular Tour (10 miles) Extended Tour (26 miles)

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Want to be prepared for the event? Fill out this Medical Release Form and bring it with you on the day of the event! If not, we will have copies for you to fill out at our check-in table!

*Bike Tour Leader Description
Depending on the number of participants, Bike Tour Leaders will lead a small group of students on one of the tours – one leader in the front and one in the back of the group. Bike Tour Leaders would be asked to have a basic knowledge of cycling, model appropriate cycling safety procedures, be capable of cycling either the 10 mile or 26 mile tour, and communicate with the event planners based on any needs of the participants. Bike Tour Leaders will be provided a free T-Shirt and lunch. To be qualified to be a Bike Tour Leader, volunteers should be available to arrive at the trail entrance by 8:00 AM to receive important information on the day of the event.

If you have any questions about the event please e-mail us at greenbg@bgsu.edu. Please check your BGSU e-mail regularly for any updates and additional information pertaining to the event.

Event Planners:
Lance Kruse and Dr. Nick Hennessy (Office of Campus Sustainability)
Russell Miller and Dr. Faith Yingling (Wellness Connection)