ReycleMania is a friendly competition among college and university recycling programs in the United States. Each year, BGSU competes in this competition, seeing which residence hall can recycle the most goods (calculated by pounds per student). 

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Will You Get Caught Green Handed?

People will be rewarded if they are caught "green handed" while recycling their items. Prizes included gift cards, re-usable mugs, and more!

First year, Ben Daneker, and Sophomore, Phoebe Davidson, were Caught "Green Handed" in Founders Residence Hall! Because they were recycling and helping BGSU compete, they were each awarded a $10 gift certificate to the Falcon's Nest in the Student Union! Be sure to always recycle because you never know when you might get Caught Green Handed!!

Kohl Hall Wins for the 3rd year in a row!

BGSU finished with a comprehensive recycled rate of 23.59%, eliminated 462 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide (equivalent to removing 91 cars off the road), and recycled 56.222 lbs per capita in just 8 weeks!

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Caught Green Handed

People were rewarded if they were caught "green handed" while recycling their items. Prizes included gift cards, re-usable mugs, and more!

Trash Aduit

March 19th, a trash audit was schedlued be held to analyze how well BGSU is doing with recycling items; however, it was cancelled due to weather conditions.

Waste Diversion Competition

For the second year in a row, BGSU's total recycling numbers was compared to universities across the nation. BGSU ranked #116 in the competition.

BGSU's Waste Diversion Competition Results

  • 180th in the Grand Champion section with a 23.143% recycling rate.
  • 137th in Per Capita Classic with 11.88lbs/person recycled.
  • 85th in the Gorilla contest with 227,892 lbs recycled.
  • 88th in paper recycled.
  • 41st in cardboard recycled.
  • 41st in bottles and cans recycled.

About the Waste Diversion Competition

  • Active program to sell or donate campus surplus property
  • Promoting inter-office reusable envelopes for campus mail and review/improve campus systems for reclaiming extra envelopes for reuse
  • Implementing campus printing initiatives which prohibit or discourage unlimited printing in computer labs and copy rooms (e.g. pay-per sheet pricing, etc.)
  • Creating an office supplies exchange program on campus
  • Offering discounts or other incentives for using reusable mugs in campus dining operations
  • Creating and promoting a system for the campus community to report wasteful practices and offer suggestions for waste reduction
  • Creating active program to educate employee and students about waste minimization practices (e.g. incorporating waste minimization information into new employee / new student orientation programs, giving regular presentations to campus groups and departments, setting up public displays, etc.)
Kohl Hall 2014 Winners

Kohl Hall 2014 Winners

Congraulations to Kohl Hall for winning the RecycleMania competition in both 2012, 2013, & 2014!