"Once Upon A Desk" Initiative

Once Upon a Desk is a periodic event that provides free surplus office supplies and miscellaneous items to the BGSU community.  


The purpose of this event is to prevent the purchase of new items, to promote the practice of re-use, and to divert re-usable items from going to the landfill.

Events are hosted on a monthly basis, and are open to all Faculty, Staff, and Students with a valid BGSU ID.

Once Upon a Desk is held on the second floor of Kreischer Quadrangle. The entrance is located on the north stairway door of Kreischer Sun Dial Dining (facing the Rec Center).



Have a special request? Need items ASAP?

We have many items in storage that we can retrieve at any time to quickly meet your individual requests.

If you are searching for a special something, don't hesitate to contact us and ask!

Want to Donate Items?

Simply submit a request & we'll pick it up within a few days!

(Please box or pack items)

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Upcoming Event

The next "Once Upon a Desk" event will be held on Friday, April 1st from 12pm to 2pm.