Battery & Inkjet Cartridge Recycling


All types of batteries are recycled at BGSU through the Office of Campus Sustainability.  This includes alkaline/single-use batteries, (the type used in flashlights, various office/household appliances, toys, etc.) as well as nickel/cadmium, lithium, door alarm batteries, parking meter batteries and other types of batteries.

There are collection boxes for smaller batteries in various academic and office buildings.  Additionally, should an office wish to “host” a battery collection box, one can be provided by the Office of Campus Sustainability upon request.

Batteries can also be placed in any of the inkjet cartridge recycling boxes , also located in various buildings across campus.

Locations for battery and inkjet cartridge recycling containers:

  • Parking and Traffic Office
    • Main Office – Bob Mason’s Office
  • Overman Hall
    • #190 - Geology and Geography Office
  • Math Science
    • #241  
  • Union
    • Lobby by Main Entrance
  • South Hall
    • #303 - Environmental Studies Suite
  • Administration Building
    • #110 -  Registration and Records (Jeff Mangette)
  • West Hall
    • #107 -  WBGU Radio/TV (Jim Barnes)
  • Harshman
    • Honors Loft
  • College of Musical Arts
    • #1031 - Main College Office – Mailbox Room
  • Health Center
    • #200 - Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders and Speech & Hearing Clinic
  • Olscamp Hall
    • #122 - Class Room Technology Services

Inkjet Cartridges:

University printer cartridges from university printers can be recycled through ComDoc by:

  1. Contact Frankie Bostardi, our ComDoc representative at (419) 372-4919 to have them picked up, OR
  2. Drop them off at 207 Hayes Hall.

Other inkjet cartridges (non-university cartridges, cartridges from personal printers, student printers, etc.) can be recycled in any of the inkjet cartridge recycling boxes through the program co-sponsored by the Marine Biology Association, and located in residence hall lobbies and other buildings.  Batteries can also be placed in these boxes.  Contact the Office of Campus Sustainability for box locations, or to host a box for your area if you are interested.