BGSU's 3D Campus

The Google Earth campus provides a virtual environment to explore the University. It is a powerful visualization tool for campus improvements as BGSU goes through an aggressive building program. If a building is missing from Google Earth, it is being updated and will reappear soon.

Step one

Download and install the latest version of Google Earth software available at earth.google.com and enjoy exploring the campus.

Step two

Search “Bowling Green State University” to “fly” to the campus. Select the "3D buildings" layer in the left panel. The download time is dependent on computer and Internet speed.

Step three

Once Google Earth has loaded, use the zoom and motion control area at the top right corner of your screen to move around our campus. Click on the buildings and select the "model" tab for building information and links. Enable “Street View” in the layers pane to see street level photography. Select the "Photos" layer and click on the square icons to pull up photography taken on campus.


*If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, you can also see BGSU’s 3D Campus through Google Maps, however it does not have the full functionality of Google Earth.